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Boo Cha Taiwanese Bubble Tea House in Garden Grove

Over the past weekend, I visited this brand new boba shop called BOO CHA TEA, located in Garden Grove. It is in the same plaza as Chuze Fitness and Diamond Seafood 3 at the intersection of Brookhurst/Chapman. 

Disclosure: I was invited as media to try this new shop. Although the drinks were given complimentary, all opinions are my own because I like to keep it real, ya know?

Got to try four drinks from their menu! The blue and purple are so unique and interesting. Also got fruit teas.

The inside has a very clean and cute aesthetic. What do you think the mascot is!?

BTW I am loving my hair! Kevin helped me add more hair dye back in using a hair dye color shampoo. Looking so BRIGHTTT! I feel like a cotton candy princess LOL

This is what the purple and blue drink look like once they are mixed! It looks more pastel!

Do you think their mascot is a person or an animal? Kevin doesn't think it is an animal at all. I think it sorta looks like a chipmunk...

They have a great decor idea going on here! A bunch of the frames still look untouched though. I wonder what type of photos they will add in there as time goes by. 

Check out their menu! The prices are around $4-$6 ish. Actually kinda pricey... compared to most boba shops in the area that are usually priced at $3-$5.


Blue Green Milk Tea ($4.95)

What makes this blue? It's butterfly pea tea! The blue is such a pretty color to be honest and I was attracted to the aesthetics of this drink. But was it actually good? Actually yes! At first, I was a bit taken aback by how sweet it was. It's quite a sweet drink. I ordered everything just the way it is and I'd probably ask to tone down the sweetness level next time. The drink is tastes very floral and aromatic. It does have an obvious tea taste to it. The butterfly pea tea might have added some of the floral notes to the drink's flavor. The green tea itself reminded me of the green tea usually served at Chinese restaurants though, mixed with milk.

Purple Brown Sugar Latte ($5.50)

This drink doesn't have much of a description, so if you don't care to ask, you might just think it's a purple colored milk drink. Would you order this for it's color alone? Does it seem IG-friendly to you? I was curious as to what makes it purple. When I tasted it, it indeed tastes more than just milk. It is actually purple yam flavored a.k.a. ube and does taste like it! Although it isn't a super strong ube taste, the taste is there, although light. 

Strawberry Peach Fruit Tea ($5.25)

I thought this was a very refreshing drink! Pretty good and very fruity! Again, it was too sweet for me though. Maybe I am getting old and everything is sweet to me nowadays...While the drink is refreshing and fruity, as it should be, I find the pricing hard to justify when there are other places that sell fruit tea for cheaper. However, I did still think the drink was good. (Oh actually, H N Tea in Tustin sells really great fruit teas).

Strawberry Slush Green Tea ($5.25)

Tastes just like how it sounds. Very strong strawberry taste I thought. It tasted slightly syrupy to Kevin. Do they use strawberry syrup to flavor their drink? Hmm.. I don't know and didn't ask about their drink recipes. But the drink wasn't amazing nor was it bad. It is exactly how it sounds. However, again, (recurring theme) it was too sweet to me. I think I am used to a more toned down strawberry (more natural) flavor rather than a strong over the top strawberry flavor.

Would you try this spot out? There are a plethora of boba shops in Orange County, especially Garden Grove! So Boo Cha really needs to make themselves stand out somehow. The prices are a bit expensive compared to others, but I think it is because the drinks come in one size which is a large and tall cup size. The drinks also automatically come with jellies and boba, which I wasn't notified of because their menu doesn't a description. In fact, I was a bit perplexed with their "TOP 12" menu presented on their TV. Since I saw no other menu, was that the only drink menu they have? Which is claimed to be top 12? 

Anywho, the unique drinks are definitely the blue colored green milk tea and the purple yam brown sugar boba. I'd probably return for those drinks.


Met the owner and he was super friendly! I hope the store continues to grow and prosper!

12201 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, CA 92841
(next to Diamond Seafood 2 / Chuze Fitness)

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