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Get Asian Snacks At Your Doorstep - Here's Your Ultimate Guide to Asian Snack Boxes!

It's Snack Time!

Wondering what other people snack on around the world? Especially in Asia? Snack Boxes or Mystery Snack Subscription Boxes are one of the best ways to get your snack fix, explore global flavors, and travel without stepping on any plane! Get snacks straight to your doorstep!

I loooooove Asian snacks! Growing up Asian, in a Vietnamese household and living in Orange County, California, I have been able to explore so many snacks from Asia! But even Orange County doesn't have everything that Asia does... so to the snack boxes we gooooooo!!

I've compiled a list to help us both out on the best snack boxes to try and choose from! Are you ready?

Japan Crate

  • About: Subscription box that mainly features candy and snacks! 
  • Region of snacks: Japan
  • What's inside:18-20 candies and snacks which includes a booklet with facts and translations about the snacks and cultural information!
  • Starting Price: $49.96
  • Shipping: International Worldwide Shipping
Japan Crate subscription box company also features other types of boxes that feature different types of items! 

  • Umai Crate: Japanese ramen
  • Doki Doki Crate: Japan's kawaii items such as household items, plushies and accessories from Sanrio, San-X, Pokemon, and more!
  • Inku: Japanese stationery items such as notebooks, planners, washi tapes and more!
  • Gacha Gacha: features various gachapon capsules which are toys and collectibles from the Japanese vending machines!


  • About: Subscription box that features premium Japanese snacks and tea pairings!
  • Region of snacks: Japan
  • What's Inside: 20-24 gourmet snacks and tea pairing curated around a cultural theme. A Culture Guide magazine is also included!
  • Starting Price: $39.99
  • Shipping: International Worldwide Shipping


  • About: Subscription snack box featuring snacks and candy from all around the world including Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Spain, Israel, Morocco, France, Germany, South Africa and more! 
  • Region of snacks: All around the world!
  • What's Inside: Over 20 snacks, booklet with fun facts, games, and music playlist
  • Starting Price: $12.99
  • Shipping: United Kingdom, Canada, United States

My K Market

  • About: This is actually not a subscription snack box company, but an online direct purchase platform that allows anyone to buy Korean market items in the United States! They do offer a snack box though!
  • Region of snacks: Korea
  • What's Inside: 20 snacks featuring some the most popular snacks in Korea
  • Starting Price: $39.99
  • Shipping: United States

Tuktuk box

  • About: This is a mission-driven specialty food box that brings snacks from curated Southeast Asian small businesses and local farmers! This is the first and only Southeast Asian focused subscription box in the United States! Wow!
  • Region of snacks: Southeast Asia
  • What's Inside: More than 10 products including snacks and instant noodles, illustrated postcard, a feature story or surprise gift!
  • Starting Price: $37.00
  • Shipping: United States and Canada

So which snack box are you getting?!

I want them all....!


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