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Hey there, Taste Bud! Just thought y'all would like to know...

The Eat With Hop! blog is a lifestyle and food blog that documents food and travel adventures around Orange County and beyond! It strives to provide detailed and honest reviews and guides that would benefit every Taste Bud. From time to time, this blog partners up with brands and companies for sponsorship, advertising, giveaways and other forms of promotion that receives compensation whether in the form of product or money. 

To keep the utmost integrity of the blog, the Eat With Hop! blog only collaborates with brands and companies that aligns with the purpose of the blog.

So, I assure to all my Taste Buds that no matter the compensation, my opinion will not be swayed or influenced in anyway that reports a biased review

I like to keep it real, you know? 

Oh, and all photos are mine unless stated otherwise. Please do not use without permission. ♥︎

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