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For those of you who frequent the popular and recently opened Handcrafted Ice Cream Parlor AFTERS ICE CREAM, I have some interesting news for you. But may gross you out.

There are several flavors there that I absolutely cannot live without. It includes Jasmine Tea, Cookie Monster, and Mint Chip. When they are sandwiched between two doughnut buns: PERFECTION.

So here's the scoop: If you also love Cookie Monster you'll notice that the ice cream is extremely blue. They were probably going for the color of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. Now this flavor is absolutely delicious and I usually get this inside a doughnut or on a waffle cone. But yesterday, a friend completely shocked me with her news. Because of the strong blue dye used in the ice cream, your poop (that's right.. your POO!) will turn green. 

WHAAAAAAAAT?! Well, I should have figured because the blue coloring does not seem natural anyway. It is just ... a little too blue.

And it's not just one friend that has confirmed this (through personal experience) but several friends.

I heard that this is the common case when you eat anything that has a lot of food coloring in it. I've heard that when you eat certain things that are blue then your poo will turn green. Interesting right?! But will this stop me from buying cookie monster? PROBABLY NOT. It's just too delicious ^___^ But I will probably not eat it too often and not get multiple scoops at one time.

So next time you have that ice cream craving at Afters Ice Cream and order the Cookie Monster flavor, CHECK YOUR POO!

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  1. Hmm,

    Wonder if mixing different dyed ice cream flavors will also make new poop colors.
    What about grapefruit pink and monster blue for instance? lol

    The Parker

    1. wow that is an interesting question! There are many other colors your poop could turn depending on the food and food coloring dye you eat!

      I thought this website was interesting and the author did a study about food color dye and poop color!