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Step Inside a 2-D Cartoon World @ OKO Cafe - Gardena

Ever wanted to be in a 2-D world? Step into a cartoon? Say no more! Oko Cafe, a Japanese snack and dessert / boba shop located in Gardena just recently remodeled from a dark / clubby neon theme to a black and white monochrome theme! 

I have been obsessed with Cafe Yeon Nam Dong in Korea, because it's a 2-D cartoon themed cafe. You can check out their incredible interior design here:

Luckily now I don't need to travel to Korea to get that 2-D themed experience! Because Oko Cafe's 2-D monochrome cartoon theme is amazing too! And they even switch themes monthly! 

The time that Kevin and I visited the shop, we were incredibly lucky that it was empty. Great timing to take photos! WOO! The month was August and it was a back to school Daruma theme! So there were Darumas decorated onto the wall and even sheets of paper for customers to decorate their own. 

They even have a piano and let customers play it too! WOW! Be gentle with the piano though to be sure not to break anything. The handles were fragile! 

They have this corner where the bathroom is with a random backdrop of Albert Einstein. I am not sure why... but that back drop is also the curtain that hides the bathroom. 

To be honest, my main purpose for going to OKO CAFE in the first place was not to try their drinks or food. I've been here before and am not a huge fan of their milk teas except for their sakura milk tea. I only really came here to take photos and enter a 2-D world. 

Instead, Kevin and I just ordered a snack. They have something called "Shaka Shaka" and it's basically a seasoning that they give you to shake in a bag with popcorn chicken or fries. There were several options including cheese, jalapeno, seaweed and more. I ordered the jalapeno powder with popcorn chicken. The chicken had some juicy pieces and some dry pieces. Very basic popcorn chicken and the powder didn't add too much flavor. disappointed in the powder!

It was around $5. I am glad the popcorn chicken included fried basil leaves though! Nice touch!


They also serve ice cream here!

Here is a photo of their menu! They have drinks and snacks such as popcorn chicken and fries. One of my favorite drinks to get here is the cherry blossom (sakura) milk tea!

Wow, their bamboo charcoal lemonade would have been quite fitting for this experience. It would add to the black and white theme LOL.

I am actually sad that they removed the BLACK BURGER from the menu. They no longer serve it. It was basically a burger with buns made from charcoal. I've always wanted to try it but everytime I visited OKO, I was always too full for food. Sad that they removed it because it would have been appropriate with their black and white theme too!

Kevin and I were incredibly lucky that there was literally no one in the store aside from the workers, which meant that we were able to take really cool pics without anyone in the background! The decor is quite cool but underwhelming compared to the Yeon Nam Cafe in Korea. 

I'd definitely recommend for those who like cute themed cafes, because Oko Cafe did great with their interior design! It's a good place to chill and hang out since they have Japanese snacks such as taiyaki, popcorn chicken, fries, and boba drinks!

1610 W Redondo Beach Blvd #1 
Gardena, CA 90247

OKO Cafe Social Media:



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