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Duck Donuts Now Serves Warm Apple Pies As Donuts!

New Harvest Assortment at Duck Donuts is available now until November 28, 2019! Would you try? 

Disclosure: I was invited as a media guest to try out their new seasonal Fall Assortment dozen. All opinions are my own and will not be swayed by the complimentary donuts. I like to keep it real, ya know?

Photo Credit | Duck Donuts

Recently tried the NEW FALL HARVEST ASSORTMENT from Duck Donuts! I've been eating their donuts for quite awhile now, getting a dozen every month of their unique monthly assortments! The assortment dozens are easy peasy to order because they are a pre-set dozen when you don't wanna think about all the customization and donuts to order. These dozens cost $19 but I personally think it's more worth it to get exactly the donuts you want the way you want it. Why? Because not every donut in the assortments are good (in my opinion). From my experience, most assortments will include some basic donuts with a few particular amazing unique donuts. Butttttttt that's my thought on it!

So what exactly is so special about this new assortment? It's got real fruit, the apple topping with the consistency of apple pie filling with hints of cinnamon, while the pumpkin icing is creamy and sweet with a dash of spice. Can you say yummmmm??!

Anyway, let's review the Harvest assortment, shall we?

This season, the Harvest assortment is available now until November 28. The harvest assortment includes:

  • cinnamon apple pievanilla icing with apple streusel, cinnamon sugar
    • Review: second favorite from the assortment. Lovinggggg the apple pieces. I recommend adding salted caramel drizzle onto this as well!
  • oreo dreamvanilla icing with oreo crumbles and hot fudge drizzle
    • review: honestly anything with oreos are always good. mm mm mmmmmmm
  • salted caramel: vanilla icing with salted caramel drizzle
  • maple bacon: maple icing with chopped bacon
    • review: my all time favorite donut aside from the seasonal faves. This donut is so worth because I love the sweet and savory combo of the maple glaze + bacon bits! And they give you A LOT of bacon bits. Can you say wooooooorth!??
  • glazed
    • review: basic. I think this donut definitely needs to be eaten warm, because the glaze + the thick cake could be sorta dry since the glaze ratio to cake ratio is small.
  • pumpkin roll: pumpkin icing with vanilla drizzle
  • pumpkin streusel: pumpkin icing with streusel
  • powdered sugar
    • review: very basic. definitely eat this warm, because the powdered sugar + vanilla cake (base of donut) is very dry. Or drink milk with this! haha
  • cinnamon sugar
    • review: kevin's disappointment. Never enough cinnamon on this, which adds to the dryness. I would recommend requesting extra cinnamon sugar
  • french toast: maple icing with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar
  • midnight madness: chocolate icing with chocolate sprinkles
    • review: ooooooh yassss. the chocolate icing goes well with the cake donut and adds that moisture. Might not even need to warm this up (but of course it's better warmed up!). The added crunch from the chocolate sprinkles is yum!
  • apple pie: glazed with apple and streusel
    • review: hands down my new favorite donut from Duck Donuts! JUST WOW! I loooooove how amazing this is, made fresh to order and so farm! What a delight! They give you like 4 + apple pieces (so worth) and i love the crunchy crubles on teh donut. The glaze is sweet and the vanilla cake adds a nice buttery, soft, warm flavor to it. I recommend getting this! Even if you don't get the dozen (because seriously there are some basic donuts in this assortment...), ORDER THIS ONE DONUT TO TRY!

  • Single Donut: $2.25
  • Half Dozen (6): $12.95 
  • Dozen (12): $19.95

All of the donuts are vanilla cake based, freshly fried to order with whatever toppings you customize it with! There are a ton of toppings and glaze and drizzles! For the full menu, check out their website here.

18591 Main St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

For more locations, click here.

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