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GUIDE | How to Get FREE Tastea Drinks!

In need of a refreshing drink?

Or maybe you just want FREE STUFF?! Well I got chu! You know I am all about them deals!! 

Tastea has a special place in my heart. This is one of those classics that have been opened before Boba was considered cool. This is pretty much an Orange County staple for over 20 years! Isn't that crazy?

Who is an original fan that still remembers their location at The Block (Outlets of Orange)? It was a go-to spot every time my friends and I would watch a movie. We definitely sneaked Tastea into the movie theatre several times...

Not only is Tastea a classic, but their GREEN BOBA is iconic! No, it doesn't have any special flavor to it. It's just green. But it sure stands out! To be honest, Tastea is one of the only places that I ever get boba, specifically from their original location located in Garden Grove (Brookhurst / Westminster). It's always so warm, chewy, and the perfect consistency!

I generally stay away from their artificial powdered drinks which includes pretty much any flavored milk tea like taro, honeydew, etc. I think Tastea drinks generally are overly sweet, at 100% original sweetness level. I always order 50% sweetness for this reason. Otherwise, it will taste grossly sweet to me, especially for their fruit syrupy drinks such as Strawberry Ecsteasy. There have definitely been times when I forgot to adjust the sweetness level and ohhhh my goodness, it tasted like straight up sugar and toooo sticky in my throat so I would have to throw it away. What a waste, cuz Tastea prices ain't cheap either!

Tastea has expanded all over California. I still go to the original location though. I heard the other locations are a hit and miss with consistency. And for some reason, the Bite Mi (Tastea's restaurant) in Cypress alwaaaaaaays messes up my drink order.... So I just avoid that one.

Alright, let's get down to business! Here is how you can get a free drink from Tastea!! Easy peasy!!

Basically, all you need to do is download the Tastea App on the phone. In my opinion, the Tastea App is one of the most well-made apps for a boba shop. Have you seen 7 Leaves App? Damn... that one needs a lot of work... not intuitive at all. 

But Tastea App developers know what they are doing!

How to get your FREE Tastea Drink!

Step 1: Download the Tastea App. You must be a new account holder. Make your own account, and a FREE 20 oz drink coupon will automatically appear!

Step 2: When starting the app, it'll ask for an invite code. Use my invite code: HO8NG853915

If you use my invite code, I also get a FREE 20 oz drink! (Thank you in advance!). I suggest you use a friend's invite code if you already know someone that has the app already, so it's a win-win situation! You'll both get a free drink! YAY!

Step 3: Your FREE 20 oz drink coupon appears after you're done setting up your account! You can use it to order via the app, or order in-person!

Why you should get the Tastea App:

Totally recommend you get the app!! I found the app to give benefits whether I use it a lot or not! Here are a few reasons why you should totally get the app!

1. FREEBIES on your birthday! Once your birthday nears, a $5 offer will appear! So cool! You can use it on food or drinks!

2. Random Free Samples of their new menu items. I've had the chance to try a small teeny sample cup of their new menu items such as their Mango Milk Latte, Matcha Latte, and more!

3. Random FREEBIE drink or $5 towards any item when you barely use the app. Yup! When the app notices that you haven't ordered anything from Tastea in awhile, it'll give you a freebie too! 

My fave drinks from Tastea:

As I mentioned earlier, I generally avoid anything powdery. I know many of their fruit teas use syrups too, but I don't mind it as much as long as it's 50% sweetness or less. Because they also add real fruit bits too so it's a good balance. Here are my top fave drinks:

1. Watermelon Heaven - this is a watermelon slushie and usually available in the summer

2. Cantaloupe Slush - I LOVE this drink. Real cantaloupe is used and the drink is so refreshing. Usually only available in the summer.

3. Avocado Smoothie - so creamy and buttery, I love avocado smoothies!

4. Strawberry Ecsteasy - One of my fave fruit drinks. This is a strawberry black tea with grass jelly bits.

5. Peach Me Sweet Tea - honestly a classic. It has a lot of fruit bits including lychee and peaches! So yummy!

6. Muddy Watermelon - (I think that's the name??) This is a watermelon black tea. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them offer this in over a year... wonder if it's discontinued.... T_T But this was one of my go-to drinks!

7. Jasmine Milk Tea - I actually reaaaally like their Jasmine Milk Tea! It's super floral and strong in tea taste! 

8. Matcha Milk Tea - I wonder if I could order this with extra scoops of matcha... I think it's a pretty good drink and you can really taste the jasmine tea too. However, imo, I think it could use more matcha flavor!

I think something worth mentioning is that Tastea offers STEVIA at no extra cost! They also offer alternative milk such as almond milk, and oat milk at no extra cost too! 

What are your faves? 

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