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The Best "Fatcarons" - Fully Stuffed Macarons in Orange County

My life has been forever changed since I discovered Sweet Atti. I've heard about "fatcarons" or "ttung-carons" (ttung means fat in Korean) from Korea which are macarons that are not only aesthetic but fat and chunky and full of flavor. It's been a trendy dessert, a Korean style twist to the French pastry, and as I could only dream of trying this if I were to ever travel to Korea, I wonderfully discovered Sweet Atti on Instagram! (thanks Candace!!)

This is the mochi black sesame! So divine

One of my faves, the Oreo cheesecake

Would you try corn cheese? Yup! This even has corn in the middle!

After checking out their Instagram full of photos of their fatcarons and menu selection, I had to order a 10-pack! This ended up being the best bang for your buck, because when you order the 10 pack, each macaron ends up being around $3.50 (at the time of purchase). $3.50 is honestly pretty standard pricing, especially for high quality macarons. 

Picked these up and shared the freshly made batch with Kevin right away! I love how they can be refrigerated or frozen, just in case you can't eat them all at once

People who are unfamiliar, often ask me, "what makes it Korean?"

Well, aside from the macarons being "fatcarons" which (was a style that was trending in Korea) are super stuffed, aesthetic, and FAT, the flavors are uniquely Korean style. Sweet Atti offers mugwort, corn cheese, injeolmi, jollippong, green grape, matcha, and more. All of these which are common flavors that can be found in Korea. And they are absolutely nostalgic to me. Every bite reminded me of my abroad experience in Korea and I miss it so much.

So if you haven't tried, I highly recommend Sweet Atti! The flavors are not too sweet, but they are bold.

Many of them are cheesecake type of flavors. I love the blueberry cheesecake one! That's actually my top 3 probably that I have already tried. Kevin loves it too! Actually, let me tell you my top flavors I've tried so far!


1. Matcha brownie

2. dweji bar (triple delight) - this is like the Korean version of strawberry shortcake ice cream bar

3. blueberry cheesecake

4. oreo cheesecake

5. injeolmi

6. black sesame mochi

How to order: Direct message on Instagram

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