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Sick of Boba Balls? Get BOBA NOODLES In Your Drink! @ Tocotoco - Garden Grove

Tocotoco is a famous boba shop from Vietnam. They opened their very first location in the United States right here in Garden Grove!

Disclosure: I was invited as media to check this place out. All opinions are my own and will not be swayed by the complimentary drinks I received. <3

I went to their grand opening several months ago and the menu back then is very different from the menu that they have now. Their initial is similar to what they serve in Vietnam. They had interesting drink names such as the "Three Heroes" which sound intriguing but lack descriptions. So it was difficult to know what the drinks actually were. 

But now their menu is much simpler and updated with the current trends in Garden Grove. They've got the galaxy type of looking drinks that are very aesthetic. They've got the matcha with cheese foam, similar to the Omomo's version of matcha brulee (??).  I haven't tried it yet but am interested.

Their menu is a lot simpler now and less confusing. But what stands out the most about Tocotoco, is their boba noodle. It is one of the most unique things that they have brought over, popular in Vietnam. Only one other place in Orange County (possible SoCal?!) serves "boba noodle" and that is Aiyu Cha in Westminster (near Bella Terra). I heard Aiyu's version tastes like a long crystal boba noodle though. 

The Boba Noodle from Tocotoco is a must-try if you're in love with chewy textures. Coincidentally, I had just eaten udon the day before my visit, so the boba noodle was absolutely reminiscent of a nice springy freshly made udon noodle. LOL I personally enjoyed it and would order Tocotoco's boba noodle again. It is fat and chewy, but not a super long noodle either. Probably just the length of my thumb or so. TBH I wouldn't mind it being longer. It would be similar to the chewy noodles that are in Vietnamese che desserts! (ex. Che Bot Loc)

Finally got to try their Brown Sugar Boba Milk as well! I have been obsessed with these type of drinks lately but unfortunately the Tocotoco wasn't sweet enough for me. Brown sugar boba milk should have that burnt or crystalized taste of the cooked brown sugar with the boba, combined with a sweet and creamy rich milk. The drink was quite basic and could use more brown sugar. But I would recommend it to those who prefer it to be less sweet. 

My fave spot for brown sugar boba milk so far is still Kung Fu Tea's version! But damn, if only a place from Asia or someone would bring the legit trend over here to Orange County, and legit cook the boba in brown sugar fresh in front of us. That sounds soooooooo good!

Yasss they got free wi-fi! 

Here is their menu! They've got cheese foam drinks, lemonade, teas, milk teas, and slushies! They have a variety of toppings including crystal boba, regular boba, jellies and even cream cheese. But what I really recommend is their unique boba noodle which is an off-menu item. 

What I got: 

Peach Galaxy Drink with boba noodle add-on: This is basically a peach lemonade that looks all pretty with a galaxy - like purple ish color because of some type of magic they use. Anyway, I got it the way it usually is and honestly I enjoyed it a lot! It's not too overly sweet and is a pretty good lemonade. While drinking it, I was thinking that this was such a Kevin drink. Kevin loves lemonade based drinks and wish he got to try this one. The boba noodle was perfectly chewy.

Signature Milk Tea: I had no idea that this automatically comes with coffee jelly. They should really add that into the description or something. My first sip was wow, this tastes so much like coffee (I didn't know it had coffee jelly at first). I almost thought they gave me the wrong drink honestly, like a Vietnamese coffee or something. But nope, it was the signature milk tea for sure but it comes with coffee jelly by default. The drink is actually good, sorta sweet, but definitely tastes like a coffee drink. 

Tiger Sugar Milk Boba (brown sugar boba milk): This was okay. I prefer this type of concept drink to be super sweet like a dessert with a lot of brown sugar flavor. It actually wasn't that sweet. I would probably request it to be sweetened even more by adding more brown sugar. But that's because I believe the concept behind this drink is more like a sweet dessert that is drinkable. 

Tired of balls? This time get boba noods.... ^__^ 

Every boba shop has something unique. I think this place deserves a try if you're interested in the boba noodle

12911 Magnolia St
Ste A
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Tocotoco Social Media:


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