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Award Winning Coffee and Famous Latte Artist @ Flat White Coffee in Cypress

If you are a fan of Coffee Code, known for coffee, especially intricate latte art, then you have to check out their brand new shop called Flat White Coffee. Angie, who is famous for winning latte art competitions yearly, and is able to create hearts, flowers, swans, cute animals and more with latte art at Coffee Code, recently opened her own coffee shop in Cypress. And apparently, according to their Instagram, the coffee there recently won first place for best American Best Cold Brew Competition

I don't know too much about coffee, but that is awesome!
I have been wanting to check this place out, mostly because I wanted cute latte art and my friend Bliss also works there, who also can do latte art too! I wish I had requested him to do an animal or bear though.

They have free wi-fi, so it is a great study spot if you can find a seat! The place is popular!

Ooooh look at the all the awards they be flexin!

Here is a photo of their menu. They have coffee such as lattes, affogatos and more. They also have tea too!

Oooh pastries too! I didn't try any but they looked yummy.

Honestly I forgot what drink this was but it was a latte. A flavored latte perhaps? Vanilla latte? Anyway, can you see the swan? I took the photo after it settled awhile so it doesn't look as clear. This cup was made by Angie.

Came to visit Bliss, so of course I had to request him to make my drink! He ended up doing rosetta type of thing.

It is a chill spot to hang out with and great place for coffee! Definitely check it out for quality coffee drinks and if you are a fan of Coffee Code!

4941 Lincoln Ave, Cypress, CA 90630

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