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Hey There, 2018!

It's the new year! Some people might call for a new beginning and start over. To me, I think improving and the start of new projects is definitely my goal. This 2018, I definitely want to improve a lot on a many aspects of my life and this food blog. I want to improve and provide better content. But I also need to take a step back sometimes and appreciate the offline life I have which is filled with great friendships and adventures that I am so lucky to have. <3
//Confessions of a Food Blogger is a tell-all series of what my life has been like as a food blogger. 
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IG-worthy wall at the new Ding Tea in Westminster (Westminster / Beach)


I don't usually set new year's resolutions because I don't like to wait for the new year to improve. Instead, I think of ways to improve day by day and set goals. I noticed that I set too many goals and end up not fulfilling most of them. Kevin did help by changing my wording of "goals" to plans. It makes it seem like the plans will actually happen whereas the word "goals" seems like something I may or may not attain. 

So, this year, I'm making a lot of plans!



The new year started very slow online. I haven't been very enthusiastic about posting on social media (i.e. Instagram / Facebook / Blog) because I've been feeling sorta out of it. I guess you can call it a mini social media cleanse. And also, it is a heck of a lotta work to stay relevant on social media. There are countless of other food bloggers out there posting content everyday and engaging back to their audience. Kudos to them! They are killin` it! 

I've also been on social media less just because I am enjoying my offline life more. Cherishing every moment I have with friends and reuniting with old friends has made my past few weeks so eventful! When I was always busy going to media events and tastings and going to networking events, oh my gosh, I was really tired! It's incredibly exhausting to socialize every single day that I needed a break. And I just felt bad needing to pencil in appointments with friends all the time so instead, I went to less events and felt happier.

During the previous weeks (winter break) I had a hell of a great time. Enjoying the world as it is without sharing any of it on social media was liberating. It was great knowing that the special moments I experienced was even more special because only the people I experienced it with knew. It was like our special moments were a secret, and that made it even more exclusive. I guess I just got so used to sharing everything on social media that privatizing it made it all so much more special.



I biked 26 miles around downtown Long Beach and Lakewood. And it was one hell of a ride.

I did archery for the first time here (first time in Korea) at an achery range in Garden Grove with Kevin. It was absolutely spontaneous. Unplanned fun is the best. 

Kevin helped re-do my room. It is de-cluttered and has a new bookshelf and desk. WOO! I'm feeling a better work-flow vibe in this newly improved room of mine!

I did a solo adventure in downtown Laguna Beach. Literally just found some free parking nearby and strolled down everywhere for a couple hours. Checked out the masterpieces in the art galleries and swept by the ocean breeze. 

Hanging out with friends. Most of the time I try to not use any social media at all when chillin` with my buddies. And I greatly appreciate the ones who can hang without being on their phones all the time. Y'all the real ones <3

Celebrated my birthday by doing absolutely normal things like going to the Strawberry Festival (always around my bday!) and just eating at trendy places but without any social media at all. In fact, my bday plan was to celebrate completely offline. I guess I am lucky to be able to get to do cool things for work all the time that doing normal things (not for work) was freeing. #firstworldproblems...amirite?



Launch a new lifestyle blog. 
I've always wanted to be a fashion / lifestyle blogger (read here) and this is the year I am going to do it! 

De-clutter this Eat With Hop! blog! 
How? By transferring over all the non-food related stuff on this website (that I semi made "food related" like "eat in style" series) to the new blog I am launching soon! WOO! Then, this food blog will focus on food news, food discoveries, food guides, food reviews, and food blog behind the scenes (confessions) stuff! Let's get to it!

Lose that Food Blogger flab!
Before heading to Korea, I took advantage of a Groupon deal for Gold's Gym. It was a 30-day gym pass! I went every single day (ok, I skipped one for a good reason) and actually lost 10 lbs! I didn't think it would be as easy as it was (although I worked really hard) but just that experience has encouraged me so much! It was noticeable with the clothes I wore. Pants were looser and I felt more active and woke up earlier naturally! I recently got a gym pass again (24 hr fitness buddies may apply) and am working hard everyday to be active!

Get Serious with the Services I Can Offer
I've worked on various projects before such as hosting media events, consulting, blogging for other companies, and writing menu descriptions for a dessert shop. I've been fortunate to be referred positively to other restaurant owners and brands without advertising the services on my own. In fact, I don't advertise at all. But I know my potential, and with the previous experiences, I'm gonna get serious with it and start the hustle on my own!

Relax & Take a Step Back
I have many other aspirations such as developing fluency in Korean and Japanese. But I also love sharing content on social media. Sometimes, I end up spending several hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Totally unproductive! So I am reminding myself to make better use of my time to be able to enjoy all of my other obligations and hobbies! More me time and relaxation time too! Oh, and don't get overwhelmed by having too many hobbies (LOL).

Create Content - Make it Better / Post More Consistently
I want to make more helpful reviews for y'all! And post more of course. I've been lacking in this... but am so lucky to still have the support for y'all. Somehow this blog is still relevant and gets hits all the time without many updates. WOO! But no worries, more updates coming soon!



Whenever I am recognized out in public by a fellow Taste Bud, I sort of get awkward. Why? Because first of all, all that's going in my mind is omg, someone recognizes me and I made a difference in their life through my blog. OMG . Basically, I melt because I am overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. 

But please, don't let my awkwardness stop you from saying hi! I absolutely appreciate the support! 

When I meet people that compliment my blog for its commitment to integrity and comment on how helpful it is, I feel incredibly happy. I love making a difference and helping others discover new spots!



You can always say hi by commenting on the blog or emailing me at

Thanks everyone for reading 💕

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