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Marusan Soy-Premium Matcha Flavored Soy Milk

I am sure you all know by now... but I am a huuuuuge matcha fan. I like to try all things matcha that I can find! A few weeks ago, I found Matcha Soymilk at Nijiya Supermarket in Torrance (you can find it at other Japanese supermarkets as well) and had to get it!

This is Marusan brand soymilk! They have many other flavors including banana, chocolate, and even avocado! Avocado doesn't sound that strange to me actually, because I love drinking avocado smoothies!

What do you think of all the plushies I have in the background? They make sleeping so comfortable...

This small carton of soymilk cost around $2 bucks. Sorta pricy just to try but worth it because I love trying matcha! And it was pleasantly good! I think I enjoy it better than the Pearl brand's matcha soymilk version.

Pearl Brand soymilk

Why I like it:

  • quite matcha! but not overly strong
  • tastes good when cold (rememeber to refridgerate!)
  • smooth yet a bit nutty? (beany?)
  • it does taste very soymilk-y though so if you don't like soymilk you won't like this
Note: It has a thick texture so might feel very "wholesome" going down your throat.

I think it's worth a try if you like matcha and soymilk! 

Here is the address to Nijiya Market where I got it:
 2121 W 182nd St, Torrance, CA 90504

Well, I'm off to try the next matcha related food now.... THANKS FOR READING! 💕💕

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