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Happy 2022! Let's Discover More Tasty Adventures Together!


Happy 2022 Everyone!

I know, it's been awhile. But how are you? How is your 2022 year going so far? It's probably been a bit tough right? I know it has been for me. I noticed I neglected this precious blog baby of mine ever since 2020. 

2020 was a lot of things, wasn't it?

2020 was when I got laid off from my internship earlier than expected.

2020 was when I realized that I am definitely not an introvert. Staying in was a bit of a downer. But it did get better.

2020 was when I experienced challenging hardship that continued since 2019. But you. Yes, you! My friends, and Tastes Buds that I have never met in real life just like you. I sold a lot of my precious collectible items such as novelty purses and bags from my travels to help with this hardship. And whether you supported through sharing or purchasing these, I appreciate it all. I truly felt the love from a beautiful community that we built together.

2020 was when I finally graduated from my Masters program in Higher Education from Cal State Fullerton.

2020 was also the year I happily got legally married! Right when the pandemic started and everything shut down... yup. And it was still amazing to share the moment with close friends.

2020 was also when I pursued my dream of starting a sticker shop. I love collecting stickers and never using them because they are so precious! So I've always wanted to make my own stickers and my own designs. And guess what, it now has over 2000 sales and is such a proud accomplishment of mine that is ever growing and evolving. I centered it around Asian American, especially relatable Viet-spired designs. Check it out here if you'd like:

2020 was challenging. Sometimes I feel like 2020 was still yesterday. Did we experience the "blip"? 

Well, 2022 is here now!

So let's start off strong! Let's discover more favorites, taste more adventures, and make the life we want a reality. Who's with me?


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