Sept. 26 | BOGO FREE Drinks @ Airoma Cafe - Egg Coffee & Matcha Specialty Shop (Garden Grove)

 Hello Taste Buds! 

Whoa... this pandemic has been too real. I really thought that this would finally be the FREE TIME I needed to update this blog more often. I was so motivated in the beginning, but then to be honest I did feel discouraged a bit because the free time instead allowed me to worry about other things. AHHH!

So in the end, I didn't even touch this blog at all. I even wonder if anyone will see this post. I'm sure the inconsistency of this blog would lead to people to stop checking up on it. But...I also kept myself busy by starting an online store on Etsy! Check it out here:

But hey, the important thing, is that you keep going! So here I am! With a deal that you don't wanna miss!

I have been on the hunt for Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Cà Phê Trứng) for at least half a decade now. I first heard about it when watching some travel show introducing this concept! At the time, there was a cafe in New York that opened that offered this (like 5 years ago??)

If it's anywhere in California that I would expect to have this, it would be Little Saigon (Westminster / Garden Grove in Orange County). But myyy goodness did it take forever to see this concept pop up!

aanddddddddddd AIROMA CAFE is one of the newest specialty coffee shops that is opening this weekend (Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020) offering what I've been searching for eveywhere: VIETNAMESE EGG COFFEE!


actually got to preview some of their drinks. I haven't tried their egg coffee yet, but WOW! I was lucky enough to try their Matcha Latte (soymilk and oat milk version) and I was completely blown away by the quality of their matcha and flavor. It totally beats 3 blossoms nearby (sorry 3 blossoms!) and is probably the best Matcha Latte  spot in Orange County. I just LOVE how you can actually taste the matcha! 

Drinks are buy 1 get 1 free! *egg coffee & matcha selection are excluded

Check in on their Yelp page to get this deal!

Saturday, Sept. 26 from 1pm-7pm

WHERE: (same plaza as Vientiene Lao Thai Food, Pho 54, etc. on Brookhurst/Westminster)
10246 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92843



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