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Cool Lemonades and Soft Serve Ice Cream @ Main Squeeze - Fountain Valley

Go get your main squeeze to the new Main Squeeze OC drink and dessert shop! You may have seen their popular drink booth at the night markets for the past several years...with everyone holding those cool mason jar drinks with a flashing light ice cube inside. 

And now, Main Squeeze has finally opened a brick and mortar store in Fountain Valley! So no need to wait for night markets!

At the store, the menu has expanded to offer more drinks including green thai tea, and spicy mango lemonade!

Every new trendy food shop these days needs a photo wall. Need something for the `gram to prove you were there. So why not add a cute backdrop to it?
 Main Squeeze has a cute backdrop decorated with lemons and a neon lights sign saying" When life gives you lemons..."

Take a look at their menu below:

Not only does Main Squeeze offer their popular drinks from the night markets, but now has soft serve ice cream too!

And flavor of the week was ... MATCHA! You can always guess that I ordered it hehe.

"Hey Kevin! Let's take a cute couple-y photo. Because you're my main squeeze and we are at Main Squeeze!"

Did I mention I love their cute couch that has yellow and white stripes? Oh man I wish I dressed cuter for this! LOL

So we also ordered a swirl of matcha and milk flavored soft serve ice cream with strawberry cheese and pocky as toppings.

We were a bit confused when they called out our order. Because.... we didn't get any pocky. In fact... we instead got wafer sticks. And wafer sticks isn't even an option of an add-on topping on the menu. Whuuuuut.... ?!

We then realized that strawberry cheesecake meant strawberries (mushy kind that's pureed for the drinks) and cheesecake bits (the same you'd see at Yogurtland). Okay, not what I was expecting haha.

We also got milk flavored soft serve on a charcoal waffle cone!

Added on some chocolate drizzle and oreos! I wanted it to be a BLACK AND WHITE dessert!

Omg! They even have games! There is a huge connect 4 game and something else in the box!

I have actually never tried Main Squeeze before even though I see it alllll the time at the night markets (OC Night Market, Tet Fest, etc.).  I just never saw the appeal in buying a (in my opinion) overpriced drink because it comes in a mason jar with a flashing light cube. Why would I want to carry that heavy glass jar the entire time at a festival. You know? 

So luckily, I got invited to try Main Squeeze as media. (teheh yay!) I've always wanted to try it anyway.... because I wanted to taste what the hype was about!

This place is cute!
Upon entering, I noticed that the place is very spacious! There is a super duper cute white and yellow striped couch and also a wall decorated with a lemon-y backdrop that's perfect for photos!

And it not only has drinks, but has soft serve ice cream as well! That's different from the usual night market booth which only has drinks.

Parking doesn't seem to be an issue, so that's a plus!

Review time!

Drink price range:
  • Cup: 24 oz $3.85
  • Mason Jar: 32 oz $5.35
  • Add-ons are 50 cents each.
Soft Serve price range:
  • Cup: $4.55
  • Waffle Cone: $5.55
  • First topping is free. Additional add-ons are 35 cents each.

  • Chili Mango Lemonade
    • lemonade with mango chunks
    • Tajin is added for the "chili" part
    • We felt like there wasn't enough...chili/spicy flavor so we asked for more tajin
    • Mangoes itself were sorta sour. And this is a lemonade drink so overall a sour / tangy drink. But I enjoyed it for the most part!
  • Watermelon Lemonade
    • Again, literally just watermelon chunks with lemonade
    • Felt like it was missing something: watermelon flavor
      • since it's literally just watermelon chunks instead of a fusion of watermelon juice + lemon juice, the overall drink was lackluster. 
      • So, we requested to add tajin to give this drink more character: tangy!
        • *note: the staff was a bit weirded out that we wanted to add tajin to the watermelon lemonade. Have they never heard of eating tajin with fruit? It's freakin delicious! After much hesitation, they satisfied our request and added the tajin!
    • Wish the watermelons were sliced in smaller cubes so that I could sip it through the boba straw
    • Also wish there was watermelon juice added. 
    • Basically paying $6 ish for lemonade and a few watermelon cubes T__T
Overall, the drinks were refreshing but weren't mind-blowing or anything. I'd say it isn't that worth it to get the jar unless you really wanted a Main Squeeze Logo Sticker (removable from the jar). Just get it in the cup! Save a couple bucks. 

I didn't know that the drinks were literally just lemonade with some added fruit. Thought there was more to it so Kevin and I were kiiiiiiiinda disappointed.

Onto the soft serve ice cream:
  • Matcha flavor: very milky and icy. I prefer Bumsan Organic Milk Bar and Somi Somi
    • But Matcha Love is always a fave for matcha soft serve too!
  • Milk flavor: whoaaaaaaaaa. very milky. Like in yo` face this is MILK / DAIRY from a cow straight up 
    • Kevin is lactose intolerant so didn't enjoy it much. Very milk!
    • again, this is also icy. 
  • We added pocky as an add-on. But it wasn't pocky at all. Not even close.
    • If you're gonna charge a whopping 35 cents for two sticks of pocky, at least make it right! It wasn't even pocky. The menu says pocky, but it's actually (strawberry flavored?) wafer sticks. And wafer sticks is not even on the menu... Did I miss something here?
  • We also added strawberry cheesecake as an add-on
    • but its literally pureed chunks of strawberry + cheesecake bits
    • not bad but not what I expected haha
  • Charcoal cone
    • they need to pinch the bottom of the waffle cone to have a closed bottom or else the ice cream will keep leaking to infinity and beyond
    • It was funny that I was surprised with mochi bits underneath all the ice cream inside the cone. They tried to stop the leak by stuffing it with mochi - didn't work
    • The cone itself was aiight. Ice cream melts super fast so I would recommend a cup because of the waffle cone leak issue (I hope they fixed it by now!)
Overall, ice cream needs work. I think they need to tweak the machine a bit more to produce softer...soft serve ice cream. I personally would go elsewhere for soft serve as they only offer two flavors here at Main Squeeze: milk and "flavor of the week". 

I prefer the milk soft serve at Honeymee because it's softer soft serve and creamier.

So basically, I was super excited to try this spot but both Kevin and I felt a bit disappointed. I mean, it's totally cute and IG-worthy, but I just don't see the appeal. Maybe I am just too picky. Or maybe I chose the wrong drinks T___T.

I'll have to admit, this is probably one of the few places I know that do lemonade based drinks. So if you're a lemonade fan, I recommend this spot.

Connect with Main Squeeze:

Address to Main Squeeze:
9430 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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