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7-Eleven In California Now Serves Matcha Green Tea Lattes?!

Yo! Calling all matcha lovers. 7-Eleven Convenience stores have SELF-SERVE MATCHA LATTES! 


This is life changing!

So my friend Alex, sent me a snapchat one day of a matcha latte machine at 7-Eleven.

I was super in shock. LIKE SERIOUSLY SO SURPRISED. Is this a hoax? Or is this for-real...

I typed as fast as I could to snapchat-message him where he was at.

It's real.

It was at the 7-Eleven near him in Anaheim.

DAAAAAAANG IT. Should I go all the way there later? HMMMMM...

But actually, at that time, I found out that there is a 7-Eleven near my workplace! OMG! YESS! (Newport Beach)

So... I walked over there and to my surprise.... THE MATCHA LATTE MACHINE WAS THERE! 


And it's in a 7-Eleven?

I am well aware that if this was in Japan, then indeed matcha anything is commonplace.

But we in Orange County. Let alone Newport Beach, where Japanese anything isn't really common enough to break the mainstream American convenience store markets....

So this is a complete shock to me and basically the only reason why I would ever step inside a 7-Eleven.

This was literally the first time I ever willingly went inside a 7-Eleven to buy something in America. Because of matcha.

Since it was my first time, confusion overwhelmed me. How the heck do I order this matcha latte? What do I do? I wanted to ask Alex but my phone was on 1% battery (I really should carry an external battery...).

I have never ordered a drink ever. So this was all new to me.

I basically waited until most of the customers left the store. After waiting around and pretending to browse through the aisles for maybe 10 minutes... I worked up the courage to ask the cashier how to order the drink.

He was confused at my question too. "Is it broken?" he asked. I just shyly explained, " Oh I am just not too sure how to...."

And then the cashier inspected the machine to see if anything was broken. It wasn't. Worked perfectly fine.

He then pointed me to the stacks of cups that I just grab myself. Oh...... I SEEEEEEEE..... haha

So I got a cup which and poured to my heart's content! AHH! How exciting!

You just simply press the matcha green tea button and hot steaming green liquid comes out! Whoa! Technology! (I was impressed as remember...this is my 1st time at 7-Eleven)

The Matcha Green Tea Latte drink bubbles at the top but I know I can fit more liquid.... So I waited for the bubbles to just chilllll a lilllllll and then settle. There was then a bit more room to add more so then I poured more! Muahaha!

And wow. Self-serve everything! I grabbed a lid and went on my merry way to the cash register. Paid less than 2 bucks for this drink (what a steal!) and walked back to work.

Time to taste this beauty!

The best deal there is for matcha latte!
It's less than $2! I think the brown sized (small ?) cup that I got was only $1.49 or so. It's a cheap way to satisfy my matcha cravings and a cheap investment to try something new.

So it's cheap, but does this 7-Eleven version actually taste legit?

  • It's good
  • It has a bitterness to it
  • It's also quite sweet too
  • Don't let it cool down. Tastes way better when hot and tastes sort of weird / watery when cold
  • It tastes the same as those drink vending machines in the train stations in Japan where you would put in money and it pours liquid too.
  • I doubt it's high quality matcha, since obviously it's less than $2 and from a machine, but it's actually pretty darn good.

(and I have multiple times already!)

It's funny how social media really drives people to make certain decisions. For me, my friend's snapchat of this matcha machine in 7-Eleven made me feel the need to go to one immediately to try!

I am sure these are available at most locations if not all around here. I found it in Newport Beach and my friend found it in Anaheim.

Unfortunately, upon checking the website, there is no mention of matcha drinks.... So... I don't know ? Is it a limited time? Is it a secret?! What is this!

Anyway. Go try it folks. It's so cheap, just try it!

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