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Pick Me Up Tea House in Garden Grove Lets You Drink Your Own Picture!

Kathy (@ocfoodfiend) knows I love cool things and boba. So when she saw the new Pick Me Up Tea House gimmick, she updated me right away! 

This boba shop, located in Garden Grove, is launching new tattoo-able drinks! Basically, it's a drink that has foam on top and can have your own photo printed on! WHOAAAAAAA!

I reaaaaaaaaaaally wanted to try this, when I traveled to Asia a few years back. Asia, is always ahead of the game when it comes to gimmicks like this. And that's why I feel like SoCal is soooooo behind

Churros with ice cream? Tried that many years ago in Korea.

Soft serve with a real honeycomb? Also debuted in Asia half a decade ago.

Fog / Vaping ice cream? Seeeeeeeeeeen it in Asia already.

New gimmick? Probably has already launched in Asia.

And that's why I am so excited to go to Korea soon (just booked my tix) to try all the new desserts and cool food!

Anyway, I am so happy that Pick Me Up Tea House in Garden Grove is bringing the picture printable drinks because........ IT'S GOING TO BE SO FUN! I happen to love gimmick-y things haha! Because it's usually a fun activity to do with friends even though it might not always taste the best. But I digress...

I actually tried these tattoo-able drinks in Singapore at a shop called Selfie Coffee! Check out the experience here.

It was super fun, kinda pricy, but overall an interesting time with my friend Sengkwann.

I wonder how Pick Me Up Tea House will be executing this, but you can bet that I'll be there to try it out so I can tell y'all how it is!

Important Info:

  • These tattooed drinks will be available starting Saturday, July 8, 2017
  • Drinks available for it:
    • any sea salt drink 
      • ex. Thai Green Tea Sea Salt 
      • ex. Sea Salt Coffee

Unfortunately, I don't really like any of the drinks from Pick Me Up (sorry!) because they are too sweet for me and there aren't any classics available like just plain jasmine milk tea. Also, the drinks are pre-made with sugar added which means you cannot adjust sugar levels. This is the main reason why whenever I go here (I actually go here a lot to work/study because their wi-fi is fast!) I sort of feel like unenthusiastic about what to order. I only order one thing: Ginger Peach Iced Tea. But it's tiring to drink this every time.

Anyway, that's just my own preference. Whenever I visit, there seems to be many regulars that order a bunch of green thai tea (their most popular) !

Check out my full review of Pick Me Up Tea House here.

Pick Me Up Tea House Social Media:

Pick Me Up Tea House (Same plaza as Cham Sut Gol)
9240 Garden Grove Blvd #12, Garden Grove, CA 92844

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