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July 7 | Bumsan Organic Milk Bar Grand Opens In Koreatown LA - Free Ice Cream For All!

If you love Korean anything, be sure to try Bumsan Organic Milk Bar located in Koreatown Los Angeles!

It is so cute and aesthetic and pink and actually good. The only issue is that it melts way too fast in this summer eat! Well... I guess that's why it's called soft...serve... it melts...away... not rock frozen ... xD

Anyway, I got to try this spot and let me tell ya, i love how the building is so pink so it makes for a great backdrop photo! YAY!

And to celebrate the Girls' Generation (소녀시대) / SNSD 10-year anniversary, Sunny herself came to the store and had a meet and greet! OMG WHAAAAAT!!! 

You'll probably be thinking DAEBAK which means awesome or cool when you try the ice cream. I promise!

Photo Credit | @BumsanOrganicMilkBar

I also found this youtube video of Sunny at the meet and greet. OMG! (Who is a kpop fan?!?)

There is also a GRAND OPENING PROMOTION! Bumsan is offering free ice cream so don't miss out on that!

Photo Credit | @BumsanOrganicMilkBar

So I just searched "Bumsan Organic Milk Bar" and this was one of the top results:
So.. I wonder... does the dessert shop get their milk from here? And use that to make the soft serve ice cream? OooOooOoohh.. how interesting! Well that is just my inkling!

Quick Review:
  • Matcha Flavor
    • light and more milky than matcha but pretty good
    • not too icy - soft
  • Organic Milk
    • pretty milky. Kevin probably didn't like this one
    • also not too icy - soft
  • Overall melts fast
  • Costs around $6
  • Cones are decorated with toppings
  • Compare to HoneyMee's true milk soft serve
    • I think HoneyMee's soft serve is creamier and thicker? While Bumsan's milk soft serve is more fluffy and light and soft? I personally prefer HoneyMee's version
Full review coming soon*

  • Free t-shirt for the first 100 paying customers
  • 3 pm - 5pm → free ice cream for all!

Friday, July 7 at 12 pm noon

534 S Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90020


P.S. all this talk about Korean pop stars and dessert is making me feel so excited! I actually just booked my flight ticket to Korea soooooo... CAN'T WAIT! You'll probably be seeing more Korean food on my IG and on the blog! ^___^

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