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Let's Taco Bout Mochi and Fresh Rolled Ice Cream @ Rollin Deep Ice Cream - Costa Mesa

I am so glad I visited this spot a second time because it was one of my top favorite rolled ice cream dessert shops. It was a bit out of the way, which is the main reason I didn't frequent it enough. Rollin' Deep Ice Cream offered fresh rolled ice cream in a variety of flavors (thai tea, vietnamese coffee, mint oreo, etc.), offered "drilled" ice cream, and so much more. They even offered my fave, which is very unique, the mochi ice cream taco. WOW. I am not gonna lie, I am quite devastated that this spot closed down on New Year's Eve (Dec. 21, 2020).

SO MUCH SADNESS! Because I was craving this spot! I really need to post on my blog sooner.... because posting it now is a bit too late heh heh...

Their FRESH MOCHI in "taco form" filled with FRESH ROLLED ICE CREAM was only $5. too affordable to pass!

I wish I visited more often. You will be missed, Rollin Deep Ice Cream! Thanks for offering something different!

Should this dessert shop make a comeback? I say HELL TO THE YEA! Please come baaaaaaaaaack! I love the mochi taco! UGHHH It was so soft and chewy and ooey gooey with the rolled ice cream!

Go bug them on Instagram and maybe they'll reconsider opening again. T_______T But maybe it's because the "rolled ice cream" trend is kinda dying so it's a smart move to not continue, I guessssssss. 

This spot is located in Costa Mesa:
891 Baker St
Ste B-19
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Here is their Instagram for you to DM!!

And check out their yelp here.

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