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Can You Handle These Instant Fire Korean Rice Cakes?

Who's done that Korean fire ramen challenge? Because if you have, you'd know how terribly (but also deliciously) SPICY they are! I've eaten the Korean spicy challenge ramen noodles perhaps 3-4 times now? And my tongue just dies everytime. Not even milk helps that much!

Buuuuuuuuut when I came across the buldak RICE CAKE version (ddukbukki), you know I had to give it a try!

I found these at HMART and had to cop one to try! These are korean spicy rice cakes with the buldak sauce! I don't remember the price, but it wasn't too expensive. I think it was probably $2-$3??

Korean spicy rice cakes are already a spicy dish itself, which is a popular street food that can be found all over Korea! I was intrigued when I found these instant rice cakes that you can just microwave!


It comes with the dehydrated rice cakes, buldak (fire spicy sauce), and a spork! To prepare this, you just need to take out the rice cakes and add on the spicy sauce. Microwave it for 2.5 - 3.5 minutes, then mix, and you are done! 

easy peasy!

Uhhhhhhhh... wow this instant rice cake is actually quite watery / liquidy. Does the sauce really stay on?

Well...........even though the sauce doesn't seem to stick that much, the rice cakes itself 




WHAT THE %$&$^&#

The flavor is not too spicy at first, but as you keep eating these chewy rice cakes, the spice just lingers on your tongue. I ate these during my lunch break at work and had to pant my tongue out like a dog. IT BECAME SO SPICY!

But honestly, it was do-able. I was debating whether to eat the last two rice cakes, because I couldn't handle it anymore, but I persevered. 

The rice cakes aren't as spicy as the noodle version. But they will definitely kick you in the butt!

Would you dare to try these buldak ddukbukki!?
Find them at HMART or your nearest Korean supermarket!

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