Pieology Now Lets You Add Pizza To Your Chicken and It's Keto-Certified

If you want creative, Pieology's create-your-own-pizza concept let's you take charge and do whatever you please with your pizza. Make it anything your heart desires. 

*Disclosure: I was invited to Pieology as a media guest to try out their new chicken base. No worries though, because all opinions are mine and won't be swayed by the free stuff I got. I like to keep it real, yanno?

But wait!

There's more!

Pieology did something so daring that no other pizza spot has ever done. Of course, chicken was always a topping option for your pizza, 

but now you can add pizza to your chicken!

saaaay what??!!

Pieology launched their new first-of-its-kind PROTEIN STYLE CHICKEN BASE on February 4th. What does that mean exactly??

Well, basically, they flattened a piece of white meat chicken into circular form, letting you add toppings to that! 


This is a keto-certified pizza base made of all-natural white meat chicken, is packed with 44 grams of protein, and only contains 2 grams of carbs!


This ain't no pizza dough. I REPEAT! THIS IS CHICKEN! You are literally adding toppings onto your chicken!

For my pizza, I added herb garlic onto my chicken base, instead of the usual marinara tomato sauce.

I added a plethora of toppings, `cause you know, it's unlimited toppings after all!

I added pepperoni, spinach, bacon bits, pineapples, tons of mushrooms, tomatoes, and more! I also drizzled a ton of basil pesto sauce heh....


Looking back in hindsight, I wish I also added chicken meat onto my chicken base. So... it could have been even more overloaded with chicken because who wouldn't want chicken on chicken??

I also got a regular sized pizza with pie-rise crust (their chicken base is a smaller circle) to compare the sizes for you all!

Indeed, the chicken base version is much smaller than the regular pizzas offered at Pieology. However, the chicken base version is literally all meat based while the regular pizza is made with all dough. 

True, due to it's larger size, you can add way more toppings on the regular pizza though. But if you are on a keto-diet or just want to get straight to the point and get all meat and no carbs, get that chicken!

Drooling yet?


Here is what the chicken slice looks like. You can see that the chicken piece is actually quite thick and condensed. This does affect the flavor and texture of the chicken, because it may not be as super soft/tender as some may prefer, but it is more of a dense packed-with-punch chicken piece which may also cause it to be a bit less juicy.

This keto-certified protein base does require a longer cooking time!

Honestly, this crazy move by Pieology reminds me Taco Bell's crazy move last year with their chicken taco shell. It was amazing and basically a big chicken piece covered in light breading and filled with toppings. It was chicken, but in a taco shape! Their chicken, I'll have to admit, was juicier to me, perhaps because it wasn't as dense (and also a smaller circle) as Pieology's version. I hope Taco Bell brings it back `cause that was gold!


I received a box of goodies from Pieology that included socks, tumbler, and free pizza vouchers! Look out for this giveaway coming soon on my Instagram! Make sure to follow it here!


Upgrading your pizza base at Pieology to their new protein style chicken base does cost $3 extra! But guess what? I got great news for you because you can get that upgrade for free saving yourself $3 with my discount code:


All you gotta do is download the Pieology app on your Google Play or Apple Store, then entering that code into the "Promos" part of the app!

The chicken base is available at all Pieology locations! 
✔High-Protein Low Carb
✔Made with Dairy & Eggs

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