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Exploring the Cutest Orange County Dessert Shop

If I could describe this place, I would say that there was a pink explosion here! There is so much pink and so much cuteness at this Mexican dessert shop called Love Churros XO! WOW! This place is worthy of a visit because of the interior design alone! So much effort was put into this! From the delicately hung roses and flowers throughout the store to the comfy velvety couches inviting you to relax on, this place is a dream come true for lovers of pink and flowers! It's also a perfect spot for Tea parties! (Tea sets are coming soon here!)

There is a room full of roses dangling from the ceiling, and they make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photo.

This is what the shop looks like in the front! It still has the old name "Sweet in the City"

The dessert shop specializes in Mexican flavored ice cream such as mazapan (the candy), tamarind, abuelita hot chocolate, horchata, and more! They also have tostilocos, hot cheetos topped desserts, funnel cakes, and freshly made churros!

The shop is formerly known as "Sweet in the City". You can find the store under this name on Yelp, as "Love Churros XO" does not yet exist on Yelp. 

Such an amazing atmosphere! Soooooooooo freakin` cute yo! I feel like a flowery princess. I wish I dressed cuter...LOLOL I love the flowers dangling on this ceiling!


"You are the cinnamon to my churro"

Here is what I ordered!

I got the funnel cake topped with abuelita hot chocolate ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, and abuelita chocolate sauce and topped with powdered sugar! It is served on such a cute girly floral pink plate!

I really enjoyed this dessert but wish it was crispier. It became soggy quickly from the ice cream but overall it was yummy.

They also have churros on the menu, but I was hesitant to get that because it looked just aiight in the photos from their Instagram. Coincidentally, I also saw a plate full of unfinished churros (the plate was quite full) by the trash can which makes me suspect that the churros aren't great. Who knows? I will definitely be back for their ice cream though!


WOW! This place is uber cute. I love themed stores and this is definitely the cutest dessert shop in Orange County thus far! It is overloaded with kawaii-ness!

Would you check it out?

Love Churros XO Address:
3114 E Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869

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