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The Yogurtland Oreo Ice Cream Is My New FAVE!

I am a bit sad that the Oreo x Yogurtland collab is over because Oreo at Yogurtland is probably my new fave flavor! It is significantly better than Yogurtland's own "Cookies and Cream" flavor by so many miles. I loved it so much that I went to the Village at Orange Yogurtland for their Tuesday $5 unlimited deal and only swirled Oreo flavor. See the pics below. I swirled it all the way past the brim!

The flavor is oh-so perfectly Oreo! I could even taste itty bitty bits or Oreos in every lick. It is just so good and much stronger in flavor than the Yogurtland "Cookies and Cream" flavor. This is my new fave flavor aside from plain tart and green tea.

If they ever bring the collaboration back, y'all must try it. Ask for samples! Yogurtland is always generous with samples!

The Village at Orange location always offers $5 unlimited cup deals every Tuesday. That means, you can get as much as you want for only $5. That is a steal right there!

Here is the address to the Village of Orange location:
2318 N Tustin St Suite B, Orange, CA 92865

For more locations, visit the official website:

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