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Corn, Black Sesame, and Matcha Desserts! @ Mr. Matcha - Downtown Santa Ana

I love matcha and am so glad there is a shop nearby that serves matcha-centric desserts. Yaaassss!

I dragged my friends along for this a few days in a row because when Mr. Matcha had their grand opening in downtown Santa Ana, they were promoting a buy 1 get 1 free deal! You know I'm all about them deals!

Danny and Kevin enjoying some ice cream casually and naturally while I take random photos of them totally not posing


Here is a look at Mr. Matcha's menu in Santa Ana!

Super Matcha!

Left: My friend Cristina | Right: @GoodEatzCo Andy and @ByChloeSee Chloe instagramming

Left: Matcha | Right: Black Sesame (they are both served in activated charcoal waffle cones freshly made)

Left: Corn | Right: Milk and Cereal

Enjoying my matcha latte!

This is the parfait! Did you know you can choose two flavors for this!?

Mr. Matcha opened their very first location in downtown Garden Grove main street. It opened successfully in my opinion, with long lines almost all the time.

Shortly after, they opened their second location in downtown Santa Ana and added two new exclusive flacors: corn and milk. Just recently, they added cherry blossom (sakura) flavor too only at the Santa Ana location. Why!? Why not have that cool flavor at the original location too!? Makes the original location less cool and less reason to go to honestly...

This new location is located on 4th street of Santa Ana. It's right nextdoor to Wursthaus and just a few minutes walk away from 4th Street Market, a cafeteria style food hall.

This also means it's hard to find parking! You most likely will have to pay for parking at a meter or at the nearby parking structure. If you don't mind walking, I suggest parking on the street for free near the intersection of Lacey / 4th Street! That's where I usually park to avoid paying but sometimes all the spots are taken.

Note: at least parking in Garden Grove downtown is free... but they don't the cool flavors offered at Santa Ana. Lame! Hope they will one day...

Corn: omg this is so addicting and seriously good. There are bits of corn in the soft serve too which results in an exciting texture. This soft serve flavor is not too overly sweet and reminds me of like corn chips or the Vietnamese corn dessert (che bap)!  I totally recommend this flavor! It might be your new fave!

Milk: Taste exactly like how it sounds! It is basically frozen soft milk and reminds me of Vietnamese tart yogurt. I don't prefer this flavor because it is too accurate to its name, but Danny enjoyed it because he loves this Vietnamese plain tart yogurt.

You can also add corn flakes to this!

Black Sesame: The black sesame here is unique. The flavor is super strong and honestly too strong for me to eat an entire swirl. I like it but I easily get tired of it after too many licks. I know many others enjoy this though because of its strong flavor profile though!

I definitely recommend the black sesame here because it's the only place that serves such an accurate and strong flavor.

Matcha: Definitely on the bitter end. Their matcha is strong and not that sweet. There will be a slight bitter aftertaste. The texture is also thick and color is super vibrant green.

Pandan Matcha: This seriously tastes like a dessert! It has the pandan jellies inside so you'll need a boba straw for this. It is very sweet and fresh-floral-fruity (!?!) tasting. If you have ever had Vietnamese Che, this is Mr. Matcha's version. I felt like it was more of a dessert than a drink but I enjoyed it. It grew on me!

Matcha Latte: This has been a hit or miss for me. It's sometimes super good and more on the matcha side. Most of the time though, it's more milky than it is matcha.

Hojicha Latte: Used to be my #1 fave drink when I got it the first time. However, everytime I've gotten it after it tasted different in a negative way- more watered down and bland.

Hot Matcha: Actually, this is so delicious! I recommend this slightly sweetened!

Matcha Thai Tea: Tastes exactly like the Green Thai Tea from seaside.

Parfait: I don't like red bean at all so I ordered it without red bean. Wish they would have given me an extra rice cake (mochi) to make up for it but oh well. You can pick two flavors for their parfait! I really enjoyed the matcha on bottom and corn on top! There is also corn flakes cereal in it too!

I TOTALLY RECOMMEND MR. MATCHA TO Y'ALL. It's a place you need to at least try once if you are a fan of matcha and Japanese desserts.

Address to Mr. Matcha: (located on 4th street next door to Wursthaus.)
305 E 4th St #105, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Parking Tip:

  • Metered parking is 1.50 / hour 
  • Structure parking is $2 overall
  • Free parking near 4th street / Lacey

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