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Interview | Sugar and Spun Transforms Cotton Candy Into a Gourmet Magical Cloud Dream (Giveaway)

You haven't tasted cotton candy until you have tasted Sugar and Spun's Gourmet Cotton Candy! It's a Magical Cloud Dream that just melts so delicately in your mouth. 

I got to interview one of the founders, Jason Angeles, to find out more behind the company, Sugar and Spun. 

Ch-ch-check it out!

I made myself a paper cone to imitate the way they sell cotton candy at carnivals! And then I added some green tea cotton candy on top to take a photo! Can you believe this is only like 1/3 of the cotton candy? And it's so poofy! Omg! One container sure packs a lot of cotton candy magic!

Q: What is the inspiration behind Sugar & Spun? How did the whole concept start?

Inspiration came over 10 years ago when I was watching Shrek.  Fiona turned into an ogre and was walking through a field with Shrek.  She sees a cobweb with bugs, picks up a stick and whips it into a cotton candy for Shrek.  That was my ahhaa moment.  I wondered why cotton candy didn't have powders or toppings mixed in.  Fast forward to 2013, during a time my mom was terminally ill, I found myself by her bedside researching this crazy idea that popped back up into my head.  I reached out to my business partner, Justin Isip, a recent graduate, to help me launch this concept and company.

Q: What is the most fun flavor to make?

The most fun I had creating a flavor was the Fat Elvis for our Travel Channel Episode "Top 5 Restaurants".  I had to take elements of bacon, peanut butter, strawberries and bananas to craft it into a cotton candy flavor.  It took a lot of molecular gastronomy techniques to powderize the bacon fat and peanut butter.  I also dried out the bacon, grounded it and mixed it into the bacon fat powder.   It was ranked the #2 street food in America.

Q: What is the most challenging flavor to make?

Any flavor that deals with liquids or solids that I have to convert to a powder.  Such as Foie Gras or Chocolate Whiskey.

Photo Credit | Sugar and Spun

Q: What was the strangest flavor your team made?

Foie Gras with Raspberry

Q: How is Sugar and Spun's cotton candy different from the rest?

We are the pioneers in this new Gourmet Cotton Candy segment that we created.  Gone are the days of pink and blue.  We are constantly creating and setting new standards that the competition is trying to replication.  In 3 years, we went from local accounts to over 30 states.  We are in the works in taking our brand to Asia, specifically Japan.

Q: What is the most popular flavor?

Strawberry Shortcake.  It tastes just like the ice cream bar.

Q: What are all of your favorite flavors?

3 founders, but now just 2 partners.  Justin and I.  My favorite is Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Justin's is Cookie Butter

Q: Any funny stories or any behind the scenes you would like to share?

The real funny story is that Sugar and Spun is founded by dudes.  Cotton candy has a cutesy perception and most people think our company is owned by women.  Just regular dudes from the Bay Area.

How I first tasted cotton heaven:

I was gifted this Green Tea Cotton Candy by a new friend I recently met in person from Instagram! She's @PaulineeNawin and is an aspiring Youtuber! Y'all gotta check her out! She somehow knew that I love green tea / matcha from my Instagram feed and surprised me with this sweet (literally) gift and made me so happy! 

When I first opened the container itself, all the sealed green tea aroma BURST into the air and jetted through my nostrils (lol at that word... makes me laugh somehow...). This was already off to a good start. Then, I ripped off a piece and tasted heaven. OMG! This cotton candy, how is it possibly so accurate?! It tastes exactly like green tea latte! 


I also gave some to Kevin to try. He is a green tea fan too but doesn't like cotton candy. Not as much as me. 


He also commented on how accurate it tastes too! The flavor is truly there. That green tea latte... in cloud form. Omg!

So I quickly searched online. Like, how can I get more of this?! At $6.50 a container, that's not bad at all considering this is so so accurate, all organic and naturally flavored. Damn! The makers of Sugar and Spun know how to do cotton candy. 

I cannot settle for normal cotton candy anymore. Next time, I  must make a trip to Lolli & Pops for some of this! And I should also scout Sweet Factory nearby to see if they carry Sugar and Spun products too!

In Orange County, you can buy your magical cotton candy of your dreams at Lolli and Pops. They have a location in Mission Viejo Mall!

They can also be found at other stores including Sweet Factory, Boba Guys, Turner's Kitchen, Napa Farms Market and more. See the entire list on their website.

You can also order online here:

Sugar and Spun/Store

Check out the Official Website:

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Sugar and Spun



I have teamed up with Sugar and Spun to give two 5-packs of assorted cotton candy! A 5-pack each to 2 lucky Taste Buds!


5-pack of assorted flavors:
Matcha Latte, Matcha Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake and Pina Colada

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