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Ha Noi Corner Is The Go-To Spot For Authentic Northern Vietnamese Cuisine (Giveaway)

Have you ever been to a Vietnamese restaurant where you were completely satisfied in both taste, quality, service AND wallet? Goc Ha Noi Corner in Garden Grove, newly opened just a couple weeks ago, does exactly that. And I am not even exaggerating one bit. Ha Noi Corner is affordable, authentic and worth visiting.

These are Grilled Mussels in Garlic Butter | $8.50

It was amazing to feast at Ha Noi corner! All of their dishes are unique and wonderful!

Steamed Clams with Basil and Lemongrass | $8.50

This is the Clam Porridge served with Crispy bread stick a.k.a. .. Chinese donut??! | $7

Vermicelli Noodle Soup with Fried Fish Fillets, Fish Patty, Dill and Water Celery | $7.50 small / $8.50 large

Does this make you drool yet?

Pictured below is the Thai Tom Yum Hot Pot | $11.50

They even have a secret menu item: Corn Milk! You can get it iced or hot. I prefer it hot! There is also sprinkles of cinnamon on top!

If inkblots were made out of black sesame rice paper... what does this look like to you? What would your answer say about your personality?  To me, it looks either like a mermaid or a dolphin jumping out of the water!

These are Baby Clams paired with Crispy Rice Cracker | $7.50
They are delicious and you scoop the clams up with the rice crackers like nachos!

Getting up close and personal with the clams. Look at them basil leaves too. Yummm!

Grilled Mussels with Garlic Butter | $8.5
Comes with 8 - 10 pieces! They also serve it with onion sauce which is amazing as well. I prefer garlic butter though!

Photo perfect Bun Thang a.k.a. Vermicelli Noodle Soup with shredded fried eggs, white chicken and ham! | $7.50 small / $8.50 large

Here is Kevin trying to take better photos than me and be a better food blogger... xD
Okay, not gonna lie his photos are quite good too. That Samsung S7 phone....

Rolled Rice Paper with Ground Pork, Fried Tofu and Cubic Ham and a fried Sunny Side Egg on top | $4.50

This is one of their most unique dishes that other restaurants in the area do not have. Try it! It's especially good with some lemon and the fish sauce that accompanies it!

Alright, who wants to go here? I am down to dine at Ha Noi Corner multiple more times!

The baby clams are about to be devoured...!!

 Kevin took a photo of me taking a photo of all the food! 

This below is the Ha Noi Corner Specialty Dish: Bun Cha Ha Noi a.k.a. Ha Noi Grilled Pork with Vermicelli Noodles, Fresh herbs and fish Sauce! | $8.50

This dish was also made famous by President Obama when he visited Vietnam to eat this in Ha Noi! Whoa! Some people would come asking for the Ha Noi Obama dish!

Another specialty is the Bun Dau Mam Tom a.k.a. Packed Vermicelli Noodles (into cubes) with deep fried tofu, pork, ham with young rice and shrimp sauce. | $8.50

In Ha Noi, this dish is served with noodles that are actually already made into cubes. There isn't anywhere to get that here in California so the chefs / owners at Ha Noi Corner decided to closely imitate this by packing the noodles into cubes to make it as authentic as possible to the dish served in Ha Noi Vietnam! How Creative!

So inside the the ham there is some young rice inside it! Reminds me of like a pork katsu with stuff inside like from Yoko in Buena Park or something. This sorta tastes like rice cake in the middle of the fried ham!

Banh Duc Nam Dac Biet a,k.a. Savory Ingredients Rice Flour Cake | $4. 
Before eating, remember to add in that lemon and chili pepper and sauce! This is another one of those unique dishes only found at Ha Noi Corner!

Pictured below is the Banh Tom Co Ngu a.k.a. Vietnamese Tempura Shrimp | $7
It is served with some huge shrimp compared to other places and fried with sweet potato. Most other places cut corners by adding flour instead of sweet potato. So not authentic... It's all about the sweet potato!

Goi Cuon Nem Nuong a.k.a. Grilled Pork Rolls | $3.75 for 2 pieces / $6 for 4 pieces.
Each roll is huuuuuuge compared to Brodard. I was surprised by how meaty and big the rolls were! Of course, I still like the sauce Brodard has though but these were yummy too!

Kevin doesn't always lift... but when he does he lifts NOODLES!

Yum! This was one of Kevin's favorite dishes. It's base is chicken broth and everything about it tastes very homemade as if my mom made it! I eat this often at home actually and was surprised by how light yet filling it tastes. Love the clean tasting chicken (does that make sense?! haha) and the thinly cooked egg is so good! It may taste a bit plain if you don't add the lime and peppers so make sure to do that!

There is even  Popcorn Chicken here! | $4.50

Cha Ca Thang Long a.k.a. Sizzling Fish fillets with vermicelli noodles, herbs and shrimp paste ! | $9.50

Cha Ca Thang Long! Comes with the noodles, herbs and shrimp past!

This is the Combination Fried Rice! | $8.50

The outside to Goc Ha Noi Corner! Find it on the corner at the intersection of Dale and Garden Grove Blvd!

The rice paper rolls from the Banh Cuon Thit Bam dish (rolled rice paper with ground pork, fried tofu and cubic ham and fried egg) was also good! I have never eaten anything like this before. It was like my taste buds traveled all the way to Ha Noi Vietnam!

Don't let the food get cold and just dig in!

Ha Noi Corner strives to cook up amazing authentic Northern Vietnamese Cuisine for all of its dining guests to enjoy. Owned by a mother and her son, all the food here will bring you nostalgia of homemade food and Ha Noi memories. If you have never been to Ha Noi yourself, now is the time for your taste buds to go on an adventure.

The owners themselves recently traveled to Ha Noi, Vietnam a few weeks ago on a month-long trip to research the food so that they could bring the most up-to-date and authentic dishes to everyone from their restaurant in Garden Grove.  The owners also brought back some street signs and traditional serving plates all the way from Ha Noi to Garden Grove! That's some dedication right there!

Located on the corner of Dale and Garden Grove Blvd, the name speaks to both Vietnamese and English-speaking guests. "Goc" means corner, thus the name "Goc Ha Noi Corner"!

The quick service and kind hospitality is definitely one of the aspects that sets this restaurant apart from others.

But the most notable is definitely the unique menu here. There are many dishes that other Vietnamese restaurants do not even sell / have! That is exactly why, to get a taste of Ha Noi, y'all gotta check this place out!

These are some of the dishes you cannot find anywhere else:

  • Bun Dau Mam Tom (Packed vermicelli noodles with deep fried tofu, pork, ham with young rice and shrimp sauce) | $8.50
    • I love this! It's very unique and the packed noodles in a cubic shape are very interesting. The ham also is stuffed with rice cake. Wrap these up in herbs and lettuce and dip them in shrimp sauce equals YUM!
  • Chao Ngeu Quay Nong (Clam porridge and crispy bread stick / Chinese donut) | $7
    • This porridge is not yo average porridge! It's very unique in texture and taste. The porridge itself is more of a pasty texture / smooth texture. You have to try it for yourself because it's sorta hard to explain. I've never had anything like this before!
  • Banh Duc Nong Dac Biet (rice flour cake with savory ingredients) | $4
    • This is kinda cheesy. Not literally cheese but the melty texture of it is like cheese being pulled!
  • Banh Cuon Thit Bam (rolled rice paper with ground pork, fried tofu and cubic ham and fried egg) | $4.50
    • It rice paper... like at the korean bbq.. but rolled up! With fish sauce and meat! And a sunny-side up fried egg!

Here are absolute faves: (okay, this is hard because they are all so delicious!)
  • Grilled Mussels with Garlic butter. | $8.50
    • they put a heck lot of garlic butter on this. So much, you can slay vampires. SERIOUSLY! SO GOOD!
  • Bun Thang (vermicelli noodles with chicken, ham and shredded fried egg) | $7.50 for small / $8.50 for large
    • we got the small bowl and that was more than enough for both Kevin and I to share! The broth is made from chicken and seriously super light in taste. The entire bowl just warms your tummy and heart up! 
    • Once we added the lime and chilis it was super yum!
  • Bun Cha Ha Noi a.k.a. Bun Cha Obama | $8.5
    • one of my favorite dishes because I grew up eating this. My mom used to make it all the time for me. Being able to eat it here and tasting the homey-ness of the dish here reminded me of eating with my own family made by my mom. 
    • This is their specialty dish! If you have any doubts on what to get, get the Bun Cha Ha Noi!
  • Crispy Deep Fried Japanese Egg Fish | $6.50
    • this is another amazing dish! I totally recommend this is you love fish eggs bursting into your mouth! YES FISH EGGS! The tempura fish is not too oily or greasy at all! Thank goodness right? So you can feel good and guilt-free eating this!
  • Banh Tom Co Ngu (Vietnamese tempura shrimp) | $7
    • Another fave that I also used to eat a lot at home cooked by my mom! 
    • I love how they actually use sweet potato fried with the shrimp
    • They use hella big shrimps too
    • Other restaurants nearby cheap out by frying with flour and it just doesn't taste good (also not authentic) and gets greasy/oily
    • Sweet potato is the way to do it and authentic way! 
Some highlights:
  • dishes are affordable with most under $10
  • serving size is huuuuge. Very shareable between 2 people!

Okay, honestly it's hard to pick favorites because all the dishes here are good. Kevin and I were surprised that there wasn't one we didn't like! I am usually picky with my Vietnamese restaurants too because most places aren't up to par with my mom's cooking (mom is the best, right?) but Ha Noi Corner was a nice surprise. Their dishes are good and they deserve more attention!

P.S. Goc Ha Noi Corner used to be known as Pho Co Ha Noi located on Fairview and Westminster in Santa Ana. It was a quite popular restaurant known for quality and affordability. Owners sold it to open a bigger and better one in Garden Grove and renamed it Ha Noi Corner! 

Stay Connected with Ha Noi Corner

Address to Ha Noi Corner
8516 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92844
(Intersection of Dale and Garden Grove Blvd)

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