Swirl Fiesta in Riverside Takes Elote To The Next Level - Dipping Them In Your Favorite Chips

I bet you have never had Elote this way before - dipped in your favorite chips! Swirl Fiesta, a dessert shop that serves frozen yogurt and various Mexican snacks and desserts, now serves this totally NEXT LEVEL MEXICAN CORN. Seriously. You can get it dipped in hot Cheetos (my fave), nacho cheese Doritos, garden salsa Tostitos, or hot Takis. 

This is the Elote with Hot Cheetos in a cup! It is sooooooooo good! I want more! HOT CHEETOS EVERYTHANG!

Corny Love <3 ^__^

We used the mayonaise butter to write some words onto our Elote! Pictured below is ”おいしい” which translates to "Delicious" in Japanese!

This is the Garden Salsa Tostito Chips in a cup! Much easier to eat but you gotta mix it all completely to get the flavor in every bite!

Somehow, I became a MEME on WE ARE MITU! LOL It is posted on the @WEAREMITU Facebook page. How hilarious! I love the corny-ness!

Too corny for you? Not corny enough? Try it for yourself!

You better make your trip down to Riverside right now to check out SWIRL FIESTA!! (Or I guess you can try this at home but would it be as good? Who knows...)

They are only $4.50 a pop too. Not too bad! They are made fresh to order. 

Make your own lovey dovey Mexican Corn yourself by spelling out whateva you want! Their mayo-butter dispenser is super thin and comes out VERY smoothly which makes for the perfect Elote Lettering! YESSS!! 

I would totally go get the hot cheetos one again. SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!

Check out their IG: @SwirlFiesta

Here is the address to Swirl Fiesta:
7706 Limonite Ave, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509