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Delightful Sweets From My Delight Cupcakery!

Keep a lookout for My Delight Cupcakery because their cupcakes are fresh, creative and so moist!

They also have more good lookin` cupcakes on their Instagram @MyDelightCupcakery !

A photo posted by My Delight (@mydelightcupcakery) on

A photo posted by My Delight (@mydelightcupcakery) on

Prices range fom $3 - $4 for their regular sized cupcakes! Their mini cupcakes are from $1.75 to $2!

A long time ago, I saw Thai Tea Cupcakes with Thai Tea Ice cream filling poppin` up all over the Instagram. Where was that from? I just had to know. All the deliciousness was created by My Delight Cupcakery! Ugh.. but so far. All the way in Ontario? I am here in Orange County... so that's really quite the drive. Of course, I never got my lazy butt to drive all the way there. 1 year later, I find out that My Delight Cupcakery actually has a food truck! And this truck.... travels to good `ole Orange County. HURRAY! Now is the chance!

They don't have Thai Tea flavored cupcakes anymore at the moment but they have other choices that basically blew me away! I saw cupcakes like Green Tea Kit Kat, Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread and even Buttermilk Bacon from their truck!

They always serve their signature cupcakes but they also rotate different deluxe flavors to keep it interesting. And also, to make you come back!

For January, they have these specialty flavors:


  • Blueberry Breakfast
  • Chocolate Covered Marshmallow
  • Horchata, Mixed Berry Parfait
  • Red Velvet S’mores
  • Rocky Road
  • Strawberries N’ Cream
  • Gluten Free Lemon-Almond Cheesecake
  • An exclusive flavor for each week!

Make sure to check out their website for each month's deluxe flavors!

Prices range fom $3 - $4 for their regular sized cupcakes! Their mini cupcakes are from $1.75 to $2! Not bad for gourmet cupcakes!

So I didn't eat these right away. When I got them from the truck it was a rainy day. I just took the box home and ate it the next day. Usually when I do that cupcakes dry out... but these were still moist! I love the creme and frosting on the cupcakes too! Each has it's own unique flavor that's also very obvious. Explosive!

These are my faves out of the ones I got:

  • Maple Bacon - I always love a good bacon cupcake! The frosting itself was quite thick and bacon was everywhere!
  • Red Velvet - very moist! Not too overly sweet either!
  • Gingerbread 
My family ate the rest but they had good feelings about them! 

I wish I bought the Green Tea Kit Kat to try though! That one looks so good... and they have actual green tea kit kats on top too T___T Oh well... Next time!

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Find out where the Truck stops this month:

Address to their store:
1520 N Mountain Ave
Ste B-108
Ontario, CA 91762

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