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Cheers to Inventive Pub Dining @ The Public House by EBC - Fullerton

Have you tried The Public House? They serve up gastropub food and the ambience is perfect for that night out drinking with your friends!

The interior!

These are the onion ring strings! I like how they were so crispy and not too onion-y because it's thinly sliced!

Grilled Black Angus Flat Iron with chimichurri sauce | $23 

Evan's Signature Pub Burger | $12

Pull Pork Mini Tacos | $10
These were juicy and flavorful! 

Kevin, Sarah and Kevin! 

Philly Cheesesteak Flatbread | $13
This was probably the most disappointing out of all the food we ordered. It didn't have that philly cheesesteak flavor... It just seems like they slapped some tomatoes and meat. Where are the bell peppers? Quite bland. I wouldn't recommend this.

Pimento Mac and Cheese | $7
Pretty good. Wish it was cheesier though!

Kevin and Sarah devouring all the food! Wait... save some for us!

Yumm.. the spread of all the foodz!

Probably the best corn bread I've ever had, ever. This is called the Summer Corn skillet Hoecake. LOL.. Hoecake??!?!  | $7

UP CLOSE OF THE HOECAKE! Definitely order this if you love hoe....cake. HAH! But really though. There is bacon in this thing! 

Aren't they such a cute couple.... LOL

Yummmmmm. ! The Siganture Burger!

Fall Seasonal Salad | $10

It just looks like a bowl of leaves. We forgot to order any meat to go along with this... haha... T____T

This is the Seasonal Cobbler a la Mode | $10
Really really yummy but too sweet. We couldn't really finish this (well we were really full) partially because too sweet. Once the ice cream is gone... it tastes like... just oat cereal. 

If you were to get a dessert... idk.. add ice cream on that hoecake LOLOL. #myfavoritethingwasthehoecake

Located in Downtown Fullerton, The Public House is definitely one of those gastropubs with a welcoming vibe that lets you relax with alcohol! And of course food made to order!


  • Grilled Black Angus Flat Iron | $23 
    • very charred. Most of us didn't like the chimichurri sauce (although I did). Unfortunately, it was too charred so we didn't enjoy the meat which was chewy
  • Evan's Signature Pub Burger | $12
    • juicy! So many flavors in a burger. One of the better items we got!
  • Pull Pork Mini Tacos | $10
    • I felt like it lacked a bit of something.... needs more sauce? Not sure. However, Kevin (Kevin's friend) really enjoyed this one!
  • Seasonal Cobbler a la Mode | $10
    • Pretty darn good until the ice cream runs out. A bit too sweet though. When the ice cream runs out it reminds me of like.. oats... maybe oat cereal or oatmeal. Next time... a bigger scoop of ice cream please!
  • Fall Seasonal Salad | $10
    • pretty normal. Tangy / sour flavors
  • Summer Corn skillet Hoecake | $7
    • omg the best thing here, seriously! Get this if you're in doubt! It's like cornbread texture and has bacon in it! So delicious!
  • Pimento Mac and Cheese | $7
    • Good amount for $7 actually. We all love mac and cheese in general so this was sorta disappointing because... well... it could use more cheese. There wasn't anything that really stood out about this dish. It's pretty regular I guess. Something that reminds me of what you'd end up getting at a chain like Yard House.
  • Philly Cheesesteak Flatbread | $13
    • Probably the most disappointing thing here. We are huge fans of philly cheesesteaks! It seems like they just slapped some meat and tomatoes and called it philly cheesesteak. The meat reminded me of like brisket from KBBQ on bread.

This place is expensive, no lie. But everything is cooked fresh to order and you can even watch them cook it too. Price ranges from $10 - $20 depending on what you get.

This is the place for drinking, definitely. It kind of reminds me of those pubs I would see back in the history books (LOL I don't drink so this is the only relatable thing...) in the olden times where everyone's drinking and chugging like... big crates of beer. LOL OKAY.

So basically it's a great hangout spot to watch games, drink beer, hangout with friends and eat some gastropub food. Not the fancy sophisticated dinner type place but instead a place to let loose after work or something....

I had high expectations here after seeing all the great photos from their Instagram. My IG foodie friends also raved to me about how good this place was too. Unfortunately, I probably was expecting too much because many of the dishes disappointed me, especially for the expensive pricing. The dishes weren't that memorable and not something that I would ever crave enough to come back for. I just felt like it was another.. Yard House or Bj's chain - type of food. BUT! I am willing to give this place another try because my IG foodie friends like it so much and all the yelp reviews are like  4 - 5 stars! Restaurants all have their off days. Perhaps I went on an off day! Next time though, I'll make a point to tell the chefs to be careful not to char the food too much xD

At least I found the best corn bread ever! Seriously. Well they don't call it cornbread on the menu. It's hoe cake LOL.... And it was worth it.

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Address to The Public House:
138 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

(in downtown fullerton. Plenty of free parking!)

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