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Jan 14 | Milk Box Grand Opening in Tustin - First 100 Get Free Exclusive Shirt!

One of my all-time favorite boba shops ever, Milk Box, is celebrating it's grand opening in Tustin! Doors open at 2pm on Saturday, January 14, 2017!

Finally a drink that accurately represents me. A drink as black as my soul.... xD

This is the mango tea with activated charcoal as an add-on. It tastes mostly like mango with a hint of charcoal. How does it taste... hm I can't really explain it. Kevin doesn't like the charcoal but I thought it was pretty yummy and unique!

You can get activated charcoal as an add-on for any drink (non-milk teas are best I think).

In the photo below, the left drink is the mango tea with activated charcoal! Right drink is peach oolong tea!

This is Andrew! Go follow him at @Mr.Cheam on the `gram y'all! He will probably be the one taking your orders!

Kevin and I are wearing the Milk Box hats! So stylish! 

For the Grand Opening Promotion, Milk Box Bar will also be giving out free exclusive shirts for the first 100 customers! 

Here is what they look like:

Photo Credit | @AndyTheNguyen 
Model | @VictoriaLoi

Grand Opening: January 14, 2017 (Saturday)  at 2pm.

Deal: First 100 customers will receive an exclusive t-shirt for free starting at 2pm!

My favorite go-to drinks: Matcha Milk Tea, Masala Chai, Earl Grey Lavender

My new favorite drink: BLACK SESAME MATCHA ! Only at the Tustin location for a limited time. May stay on the menu if it receives positive feedback! This is not even on the menu (secret) so make sure to ask for it!

New stuff: 

  • Peach Oolong Tea now on the menu. 
  • Black Sesame Matcha. Say no more... JUST GET THIS!
  • You can now get activated charcoal as an add-on
  • regular sized boba only (no mini boba sold here like Mission Viejo location)

Price Range: $4.5 - $5 bucks

Stay Connected:

2437 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782
(Inside the Union Market at the District of Tustin Legacy where all the hip cool restaurants are)

Parking tip: Park in the Whole Foods Plaza because it's located across there.

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