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Check out Cross Roast Eatery, the Asian-Chipotle of Roasted Duck and More in Anaheim!

Check out Cross Roast Eatery. It's like an Asian Chipotle specializing in Roasted Duck! Whoa! 

Duck!! They have all sorts of meat like roasted duck! They also have the boned-in duck which they get from the back! There's also chicken and pork!

Look at all these unlimited toppings!

The interior is very spacious!! Not so many tables though but enough!

Duc got the ginger rice bowl!

I got a lot of random toppings to make it worth. Since... you know... unlimited!

They give you a loooooooooooot of noodles here!

Duc and I finally checked out this newish spot in Anaheim for lunch! I heard my friends compare it to Chipotle, but like, Asian style. 

I loved it! Awesome concept!

Okay, so everything is around $7-$9 but the portions are very reasonable. Everything is priced according to the meat option you choose (Like chipotle!) and then you can choose to get it in rice bowl, taco, burrito or even ramen! 

They specialize in roasted duck which is awesome! Reminds me of those round tables at Chinese restaurants with the roasted duck in banh bao (steamed buns)! 

Anyway, of course I had to get the duck! I got it with ramen because  I don't like rice, and tacos and burritos seemed pretty normal compared to other places nowadays. But ramen? Heck yea!

I got the boned-in roasted duck and lots lots of random toppings like corn. Yes, corn in my ramen! 

Duc got the ginger rice with two different meats. Honestly, I'm not sure how they charged that but it's cool that they let you choose half/half meat options! 

Time for the recap:

Ramen with Roasted Duck (boned-in) | $8.95
  • Got a lot of random toppings like corn, `cause...unlimited!
  • love the roasted duck. I got like 3 or 4 good sized pieces!
  • The noodles were alright. They give you so much noodles but unfortunately it was sorta clumpy. Maybe they needed to ...cook it a bit more so it wouldn't be stuck together? It was still good though!
  • Broth was flavorful and light!
  • Overall, pretty good. I'd get it again. But I totally wanna try other duck items next time like in a burrito or tacos!

Ginger Rice Bowl | Probably around $9
  • Duc said the rice literally just tasted like it was ginger and rice together. Which is natural since it is... ginger rice! ^__^
  • According to Duc: It was good! There was a lot of food, the pork was crunchy and the duck was fatty like how it is normally which I enjoyed. I liked their corn and also the sauces really did compliment the protein.

Customer service was great! Everyone is so friendly. Place is clean and neat. The location is sorta random though but it's worth looking into!

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Address to Cross Roast Eatery:
401 S. Magnolia Ave, Anaheim CA 92804

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