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My Korean Festival Event Recap in Garden Grove! | Photo Diary

So the Korean Festival happened this weekend in Garden Grove from September 30 - October 2nd! 

Of course they would sell KPOP stuff!

Damnnn! Those nachos are huuuuuuge!

They are also going with the trend. There are light bulb bottles everywhere these days...

Roasted Corn? Elote?! The idea was better than the actual presentation and taste.... -___-

So this is Shikye! This is one of my favorite drinks that you usually get while relaxing in the jimjilbang (Korean sauna) and wrap a towel around your head with them side buns. 
The festival version of this drink was alright. A bit too sweet and could have been much more chilled. It was also $5 which was sort of a rip-off... 

This is DdukBukki and Bulgogi from another the same booth I got the Shikye drink from. Let's see... the name... what was the name...Bulgogi House booth!

It was priced at $10 for this. Very very small portion. It also felt like a rip-off.

Let me just start out by saying that this year's Korean festival was....disappointing. I had too high of expectations. This is the festival I try to go to every year (except when I was traveling abroad!) and I always find myself having a fun time.

This year it was different.

Okay, so this festival used to be in Garden Grove for most of my life until it moved to Buena Park around 3 or 4 years ago. I also went to it in Buena Park and noticed that it got more..."night market" like. The vendors started to just all be the same and all in all unique-ness was sorta lost.

Anyway, I still love going here because, memories! When I went this past weekend I felt sooo nostalgic. Especially since it was in Garden Grove again!

However, there weren't as many traditional Korean vendors as years before. There were more international cuisine like Thai and Indonesian food. That was cool though. But all the traditional stuff that was there was basically just kbbq and ddukkbukki. Ahh! Whyyy!

There was a tent area where people sold cosmetics, kimchi, and other healthy stuff like ginger. I liked that it was a shaded area!

Experience overall was alright. I stayed there for like maybe half an hour max and then went to check out some Korean restaurants nearby.

Food Recap:

  • Shikye (rice drink) from Bulgogi House booth: $5 for 20 oz. It was alright. The New Seoul Bbq booth right next to it was selling a smaller size for $3. That would have sufficed though.
  • DdukBukki + Bulgogi plate from Bulgogi House booth: $10 for a plate of this. But they give too little. They used to give so much all the previous years! Also, it wasn't delicious and hot at all. Just warm .... T__T 
    • Also, y'all can get a full plate for just $7 at the food court in H-Mart. Comes with fish cake and egg too. What a deal!
  • Roasted Corn (Elote): $3 for not fresh over-roasted corn. It got stuck in all the cracks of my teeth. Wahhh :( 

Anyway, I recommend coming here for the atmosphere to walk around and stuff. But there might not be much to do unless you're interested in the performances!

Oh, I'm not sure what the schedule is this year, but usually they have a popular music artist perform on Sundays! Past events I've seen LoveHolic, Kim Tae Woo, the kid from the Gangnam Style music video, Dumbfoundead and many more!

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