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No Need to Leave Your Car to Order Poke at Fins Poke Fusion in Fullerton!

In a rush to work or school? Or, you just simply don't wanna leave the car but craving poke? 

No worries because Fins Poke in Fullerton opened the first Drive - Thru poke shop to solve your problems!

If you're in a hurry and can't don't wanna create your own, they have a menu of their popular creations so you don't have to think about it too much! Just get ready for eating!

They even have Taco Tuesday deals here for the Poke Tacos!

Are you ready for Drive Thru poke?!

Located in Fullerton across from Dripp Coffee Bar.

Decent sized cuts! Woo!

Here at Fins Poke, you aren't charged by the amount of scoops. Instead, you are charged by the amount of ounces. For an example, you choose which size you get. Peewee size includes 3 oz of fish. You can pick whichever fish you want and they'll weigh it all until it reaches 3 oz! 

Meet Carolyn! She will make you the prettiest poke bowls ever and while wearing the brightest smile! 

So many toppings to choose from! I especially found the sesame cream cheese cubes to be really unique. And surprisingly, it went well with my poke bowl!

Isn't she cuuuute!?

Craft Sodas? YES!! I love how many stores are moving into this direction with better fountain drink options!

In a rush? Use the drive through at Fins Poke Fusion! There is a set menu that you could order from if you can't decide! Or, create your own combo! 

Dang! Look at Kevin eating two bowls at once! He is using the Chork which is an amazing invention! It's a chopstick and fork all in one! 

What eating the poke in a tostada shell actually looks like!

 One of our friends, Sarah, has been raving about this place called Fins Poke Fusion. She told us that it is one of her favorite places to get quality Poke! At the time, there was only one location: Mission Viejo.

Luckily, Fins Poke Fusion decided to expand and opened a new location in Fullerton with a huge surprise! They added a Drive-Thru! 

I usually associate drive-thrus with fast food places which aren't exactly the healthiest. But now, if you're in need of food quick without even leaving your car, Fins Poke is the spot! I think it's genius that they added a drive-thru because now people have the option of going on a quick food run (actually drive...) to get healthier food instead of fast food with more convenience!

My first impression of this place, is that it's very...Hawaiian? I guess I got used to all the poke shops that started popping up recently because it's all the craze and trendy these days, and most of them are very Asian and gimmicky. This place is the opposite. It seems more old-fashioned focusing on serving fresh tasting poke bowls and using simple (but creative) sauces.  Even the names on the menu items are Hawaiian themed!

One notable thing is the way they serve the fish. Each size option is actually by weight. There is a 3 oz, 5 oz, and 7 oz option. So basically you can choose as many different types of protein you want and they will just weigh it out for you whereas other places charge by scoops.

Kevin and I each got our own thing since... sometimes we prefer not to share .... ^__^ !

Here's what we ordered:

Crunchy Tostada Bowl:

  • Peewee Size (3 oz of fish) - $8
  • Add crunchy tostada shell - $1
  • Toppings
    • Lemon and Orange slices
    • Red ginger
    • Sesame Cream Cheese cubes
    • Edamame 
    • Avocado
    • Masago (those orange fish eggs)
    • Cucumber
    • Salad
  • Sauce: Molokai (house made ponzu)
  • Review: Kevin couldn't really taste the fish because somehow his fish cuts were smaller. Tostada shell was nice and crunchy but a bit hard to eat. No prob though. I liked breaking it apart and scooping the fish on! Kevin preferred his orange and lemon slices to have been thicker so that he would be able to actually squeeze it into his bowl. 

Regular Poke Bowl:

  • Peewee Size (3 oz of fish) - $8
  • Toppings
    • Lemon and Orange slices
    • Red Ginger
    • Sesame Cream Cheese cubes
    • Edamame 
    • Avocado
    • Masago (those orange fish eggs)
    • Cucumber
    • Seaweed Salad
    • Onions
  • Sauce: All sauces mixed together
    • Really good and I recommend it! 
  • Review: Bowl was overall very flavorful. Sauces, although all mixed, were light and didn't overpower the fish. However, since there was a lot of sauce added I ended up having a little "sauce soup" at the bottom (this usually happens at Pokinometry too). I was able to taste the fish and they were big cuts! I got lucky!

  • Friendly and great customer service!
  • The Chork! A chopstick x fork utensil. So cool to use! I took some home...LOL
  • Sauces were simple and straightforward. I don't like how other places make crazy gimmicky names and provide no description. Like... what if I'm allergic yo...
  • Not yo average soda fountain. I like how they provide craft sodas here! Made with cane sugar and natural flavors.
  • Sesame Cream Cheese Cubes. Just get it.
  • The fact that this place has a drive-thru. Duh
  • Prices are comparable to other poke spots. Quite standard ranging from $8 - $11.50

Stay Connected with Fins Poke Fusion:

Address to Fins Poke in Fullerton Location with a Drive-Thru:
513 N. Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 
Tel: 714-519-3014

Mon - Thurs 11AM - 9PM
Fri - Sat 11AM - 10PM
Sun 11:30AM - 8:30PM

Address to Fins Poke in Mission Viejo:
28251 Marguerite Parkway, Suite A
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Tel: 949-542-7466

Mon – Sat 11AM – 9PM
Sunday    11:30AM –8:30PM

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