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My First CaterCon Experience 2016! | Photo Diary

There is a catering convention? I'm so glad I had the pleasure of attending! Thanks to my Taste Bud Nancy who got the hookup to this, I got to take a peak of what the catering world is like! 

There are many businesses that come here to either present their catering services and also businesses that come here looking for those services!

I was surprised to learn that most of these services start at $1000. Dang! 

Oh, and even In N Out does catering? Someone call them to my party! Haha ^__^

So I got to sample many restaurants (mostly chains) and most were just.... okay. But some were really good! The desserts from this one booth (why can't I remember right now) was so moist and yummy and not too sweet! Overall, I'd say the desserts were the yummiest and the main entree type of foods were standard and what you'd expect. Not mind-blowing but adequate for catering and feeding a huge amount of people. 

Jalapeno waffle with chicken!

Love these IN N OUT post it notes! My friends and I copped a few!

Raspberry Cake!

Sea Salt Caramel Cookie!

This gigantic balloon requires 30 lbs of weight to anchor it down!

Introducing the Brookie! The fusion of brownie and cookie as featured on The Shark Tank show a few years ago! Best warmed up in the microwave for 15 seconds before eating!

Unfortunately, these cake bowls / cups were very very dense and dry... Not a fan.

Even Chunk n Chip was here! I love their cookies and ice cream! I got to try the rose cookie and there are actual rose petals inside the cookie. Tasted interesting yet good. It grew on me ahah. 

The horchata ice cream was good too!

This was such an awesome first time experience. At arrival, I was greeted with a Moko Jumbie (stilts walker) welcoming guests! I felt like I was sort of at a carnival and felt pumped for the event already!

I met up with my friend Mary and we walked around browsing all the booths. There were vendors such as Lucille's BBQ, Chunk N Chip, Treatery (Torched S'mores), In N Out, TOGOs and so much more!

There were many places I honestly never even heard of and actually can't name even one right now.... (sorry!)

I really enjoyed the ice cream and cookie samples from Chunk N Chip. The Lucille's BBQ was sort of dry but I'm sure it would be better at the restaurant (although this event was supposed to showcase the catering..).

I felt a bit weird being here because all the booths asked us what business we are here for. But actually we were just there for the free food and free swag. Mary eventually made up some fake story explaining that she's planning a birthday party for herself and scouting out catering vendors. How funny!

I also got to meet the creators of Crave Expo (who are part of KTown night market and The Eat Show!) while sitting at a table. They just asked what business we were here for. We explained... just for the free food. LOL But I mentioned that I was a food blogger!

Nancy eventually met up with us after she finished work and we all browsed the event again grabbing seconds. 

There was a raffle going on and Mary won a huge decorated cake!

Overall, it was fun with friends and a great new experience! 

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