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All You Can Eat Wagyu Beef, Sushi, Kobe Beef and Even Pho?! Only at Meat n Eat located at Phuoc Loc Tho!

Last week I took my friend Cristina to try some Vietnamese street food for the very first time at the Asian Garden Mall Little Saigon Night Market (Phuoc Loc Tho) and had a great time. 

Even better, we discovered this neat deal on the way while walking through the mall! Cristina and I got lured by the sample demonstrators giving out free Shaken Beef (bo luc lac). The meat was so good and tender! 

I checked out the restaurant a bit more and VOILA! The glowing words ALL YOU CAN EAT captured my eyes. 

This restaurant started the AYCE menu on September 2!

This place just recently opened up as an all you can eat restaurant that specializes in traditional Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese appetizers, kobe beef noodle soups and grills. 

You can get the AYCE menu at just $25 which includes pho, kobe beef and wagyu beef! What a deal!

I haven't been here but hope to come here soon to try it. Anyone would like to join me? ^__^

At $25 for ayce, I think the price is not bad if you are a pho lover. You can probably get high quality meat and a bigger variety of it too at Korean Bbq restaurants for the same price. I wouldn't go here if I wanted endless meat. But, I would totally try this place because it offers AYCE PHO! That's not something you see everyday!

Address to Meat n Eat:
9200 Bolsa Ave
Ste 117
Westminster, CA 92683
*Inside the Asian Garden Mall (Phuoc Loc Tho) next to Champagne Bakery.

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