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Freshly Baked Roti Buns, Shaved Snow, Teas & Corn Milk Too! Get It All @ HoneyBerry - Irvine

Have you ever had freshly baked Roti Buns? Ever experienced the warm, crunchy and soft buns filled with fruit and nutella and even with gelato too?

Honey Berry has got all of this and more!

Located in Irvine in the same plaza as many other awesome restaurants and desserts. Honey Berry is right next to Bambu Desserts! Be careful though with parking! Drivers can get a bit crazy here making their own parking spots and such!

Love the wall inside! I feel like I am enjoying a nice dessert in the center of a European city or something!

They make their ice cream too!

Here is the menu at Honey Berry! They have a variety of Roti Buns to try! I like how the mocha bun doesn't have caffeine  so you can still enjoy the flavor without the side effects of caffeine! 

There are also other types of dessert besides Roti Buns! There are snow shaved ice and Korean shaved snow here too!

Kathy and I ordered the Oreo Shaved Ice!

They've got an interested drink called Corn Milk on the menu!

Yummmmmmm! Doesn't this look good? And so cute? The shaved snow has got these agar jelly bears with cream cheese inside.

Here is the Roti Bun with Green Tea Gelato and whipped cream! Their ice cream sandwiches are called Roti Burgers!

This here is the Roti Fruitella! It's basically a Roti Bun filled with fruits and nutella, drizzled in chocoltae sauce and also sprinkled with powdered sugar! 

I also got the Green Thai Tea!

Time to enjoy the shaved snow before it all melts!

There is this new dessert place in town and you know I gotta go check it out! It's called HoneyBerry and it's located in Irvine! The first ever location to open up in Southern California as well!

Roti Buns are round shaped sweet breads that like a combination of a cookie and sweet bun! The top is crusty and crunchy and the inside is warm and soft. Perfect creation and is great for breakfast or a snack! I love how HoneyBerry adds a twist and makes "Roti Burgers" which are roti buns sliced in half and filled with ice cream! Yum!

Originally a dessert from Malaysia, HoneyBerry finally opens its first location in Southern California right here in good `ole Irvine! Yes! We can now order dozens of freshly baked roti buns and make it a party! 

I did feel like this place was like a one-stop dessert shop since they not only have the buns but also gelato and shaved snow and milk teas. But I got to try also the shaved snow and it was good too! Not like amazing like those other shops that specialize in it, but it's definitely not a bad choice if you're in the mood for that and in the area. I'd recommend the buns more though!

Service is super friendly. Everyone is nice and the store itself is very clean! Just wish there was better seating because I didn't like the small tables and high chairs T__T.

Now onto what Kathy (@ocfoodfiend) and I tried:
  • Oreo Shaved Snow
    • I love that it has ice cream and the snow too! Some places only have the ice itself and no ice cream
    • I added Boba Pearl Agar Green Thai Cream Cheese which are the bear shapes that you see in the photo. It's basically thach (anyone Vietnamese?) or Asian jello made with Agar Agar (same as RainDrop cake or Water drop cake) and is filled with cream cheese in the middle. The family makes these at home in cute molds such as bears, flowers, etc. Cute!
    • Snow itself is smooth. Not too icy so that's a plus!
  • Corn Milk
    • whoa... so interesting! I think this tasted very thin. I've had better fresh corn milk before at other Vietnamese cafes which was thick and warm. The corn milk here tastes more like... corn flavored water? Milk? I don't know exactly how to explain it but it tastes less "homey" since it's so thin
  • Black Milk Tea
    • Very sweet.
    • This tastes like Royal Milk Tea you'd get at the supermarket or the kind you'd drink in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia!
    • I didn't like it so much because it's too sweet for me but this is actually a popular favorite.
  • Green Thai Tea
    • Yummy! Tastes like the one at Seaside Bakery
  • Roti Fruitella
    • A bit too much chocolate sauce (or was it nutella?) 
    • Anyway, I like this a lot but it's a bit too much sauce in some bites. Maybe a lighter drizzle next time!
    • Love the crunchiness of the roti bun and the fruits and nutella! I would be fine with just sharing this with another person
  • Roti Burger
    • Can't exactly eat this like a burger with my hands but it's just as good with a knife and fork. Can't go wrong with buns and gelato!
  • Boba Pearl Agar Green Thai Cream Cheese
    • Just wanted to elaborate on this a bit more.
    • They have the Boba Pearl Agar in the toppings section! 
    • Apparently these are very popular to pair with milk teas in Vietnam! I just learned something new here about Vietnam (haven't been back to Vietnam in over a decade).

Their roti buns are baked fresh and y'all can get them in packs! It's best to eat them warm! If you take `em home and they got cold, no worries. Bake them in the oven and they will be delicious. I did this with my family and everyone loved it! Great to pair with coffee (I think that's what my mom did). 

Oh! And just to add, this place is quite poppin` in Norcal. There are many locations there and people are already used to the idea of Roti Buns around there! Glad we can experience more of it here in Socal!

Stay Connected with Honey Berry:

14775 Jeffrey Rd Ste C
Irvine, CA 92618
*Same plaza as Lollicup, Shik Do Rak, Bambu, Sunmery Bakery, etc.!

(949) 536-5500

Parking Tip: Just pray. Pray that someone leaves. LOL Okay but really though, I came here on a Friday at 12pm and it was hectic! So difficult to find parking but after awhile and lots of patience, I found one! People can be quite aggressive here and be making their own parking spots so be careful!

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