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Stayin` Chilly & Livin` Happy with my Foodie Friends @ Nitrolado - Garden Grove

So Nitrolado just recently changed their decor. I'd say it's an upgrade and going to change their insta-game! 

It's so fun to take photos here because the new grassy wall is so picture-worthy! Just bring a camera and it's like a photobooth! woo!

Oh and of course I had to get myself one of their new flavors: Minty Oreo! This is my all time favorite flavor and they nailed it!

Doesn't Kevin look so hipster with my hat? 

So Kevin has become... the ice cream man. He will be disguised as an ice cream cone with Neapolitan ice cream scoops. This may be a very delicious Halloween costume. Hah!


Okay okay okay... I guess you caught me... But I'll still hug my yummy ice cream!

Just enjoying some yummy ice cream and chit chattin` away with my foodie friend Kathy a.k.a. @OCFoodFiend !

And............. a group photo is a must!

Here we are with some other major foodies Kathy (@ocfoodfiend), Lynna (@thedevouringlion) , Kris (@theirregularlens), Alex (@orangecountycuisine) and Kevin (@foodwithkevin) IRL!


I had a lot of fun visiting one of my favorite liquid nitrogen gelato shops with some cool foodie friends! And it was such a sweet surprise to see that Nitrolado changed their wall! It was previously a wall filled with drawings made by guests hung up. That was cute and interactive but not so great to use as a backdrop for photos. Now, this grassy backdrop is perfect! I just wanna lay on it!

I ended up ordering the Minty Oreo! It was my first time trying this here and it was yummy! I wish I had more oreos in it though but maybe I will just request that next time. No problemo at all.

It was cool to chill and talk with some foodies about social media, food and more food.

I'll be back!

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Nitrolado Address:
10212 Westminster Ave #115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

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