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Milk Box makes my milk tea dreams come true.

UPDATE: The store does use syrup now & changed to a "pay your own price" for a "contribute to your community" concept. Read update here.

Here is a photo of their menu! It's pretty small compared to most boba shops. But you know what? It's very specialized. Which means each drink on this menu took a lot of time to create and perfect. And Kevin and I are able to taste the difference.

There ain`t no fake stuff here. Just the natural stuff. And by that I mean they use real tea leaves, real sugar and no syrups. Update: they now do use syrup. Read update here.

I don't even go to regular boba shops anymore because I can't stand drinking the powder stuff.

Customer service is great here! Here is Kevin trying to figure out what to order with the help of Co-Founder Truong!


Honestly, I think the Matcha Milk Tea here is legit.

Left is the Earl Grey Lavender Milk Tea
Right is a secret menu item. Can't tell ya what it is....because I actually don't remember what the name is. But! It's Jasmine Tea with Mint Leaf! I think...

Both were incredibly refreshing but I fell in love with Earl Grey Lavender. The taste is flavorful and strong. You can smell it. It's just great!

The Mustache Iced Tea! Drink it without the lid so that you'd have a mustache on your face from the almond cream!

Milk Box is located in the Union Market at Mission Viejo which is reminiscent of The Lab at Costa Mesa or OC Mix Mart or Anaheim Packing House. 

This location has plentiful seating and has got this nice wooden wall by the doors and windows. Which makes more the perfect aesthetic photos!

Refresh your day and mind with there drinks! The Iced Teas here are delicious!

I love this place! But I just wish it was closer to home. Milk Box is located in Mission Viejo which is a bit far from the boba milk tea hubs of the Garden Grove / Westminster areas.

But driving all the way to Mission Viejo just for Milk Box Bar is actually... quite worth it! If you are a tea enthusiast and love teas and milk teas, this won't disappoint you. Unless you're into the fake artificial powder stuff...

But if you want to taste the new standard, experience fine quality tea, and also chill in a pretty cool place, then check out Milk Box Bar!

I've been on the lookout for Milk Box Bar ever since a few years ago when I saw them on Instagram. They kept teasing their followers that they will be "coming soon" but that soon actually meant a few years. Ok. I'm exaggerating. I'm pretty sure it was at least a year though.

They did make a debut at Honey and Butter at The Lab @ Costa Mesa though, and they seemed to get positive feedback. Still, that "coming soon" was taking awhile. I guess good things take time, right?

Finally, they are open now and I'm so happy that they don't settle for mediocre! They offer almond milk as an alternative with no extra charge because they know most of us Asians are lactose-intolerant. They don't sell regular boba but mini boba instead. You can even get Chia Seeds!

And the most important reason why I love this place is that they don't use artificial. Real tea leaves. And not them weak ones either. The drinks here are strong in flavor. Their matcha milk tea is legit. I'm very picky with Matcha, and I like theirs.

The price is reasonable too! I could see these drinks being sold for such a higher price if it was in Los Angeles. But the drinks only cost $4 - $5 (well that ceremonial grade matcha is $23 though...)! What an amazing deal! I feel like it's totally worth it because of the high quality.

Here are the faves:

  • Masala Chai
    • finally a non-watered down chai milk tea. This is what I've been missing in my life
    • Kevin's favorite drink here!
  • Earl Grey Lavender
    • the mix of earl grey and lavender is perfect. 
    • flavor is just right and you definitely taste it
  • Matcha Milk Tea
    • too good to be true. This is one of my go-tos since I'm a matcha lover!
  • All drinks are great and strong in flavorful

This one time I came to get some drinks and they ran out of drink trays. But a kind employee by the name of Cheyenne walked me all the way to my car on the 2nd underground parking floor holding my drinks. That's some intense customer service right there. And she was really chill to chat with too!


27741 Crown Valley Pkwy #329, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

*Inside Kaleidoscope Mall
*Inside the Union Market of Mission Viejo

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