Milk Box Bar Shifts Focus to Community - Lets Customers Pay Whatever They Can Contribute

Danggggggggg, this is a huuuuuge change. Previously, Milk Box had experimented with the pay whatever you want model where customers choose their own price to pay when ordering drinks. Now they are making it become a permanent thing, where all locations will allow customers to choose whatever price they wanna pay, and 50% of the proceeds will be going directly back to the community such as charity organizations.

Photo Credit | Milk Box Bar

But the payment model isn't the only thing that is changing. Milk Box Bar is also tweaking their menu a bit too.

Here are some of the changes I know so far:

  • Basically the milk tea menu stays the same except
    • chai milk tea and black sesame matcha will be removed.
      • this saddens me because these are two of my favorite drinks!
      • Especially their Masala Chai Milk Tea, it is hands down the best in the area (better than Harmony Tea Bar's version).
  • Many of the fruity iced teas will now be using syrup (I saw them syrup containers in the store and if I am recognizing them correctly, it is from Teazone company). Also, I just asked the staff about them
    • This isn't a big deal to me because I don't usually order their fruit iced teas.
    • I can understand the reason for this change though, because it might have been too costly before.
    • Note: Teazone is a commonly used fruit syrup brand at many boba shops including Lollicup and more.
  • New Drink: Thai Tea
    • Apparently this is one of their most requested drinks and they have answered their fans! Thai Tea is now on the menu.

I'll still support Milk Box because I do love this new concept of focusing on the community. I think it's a great thing because it brings more awareness to each customer to think more about others, and thus, create a better community.

Also, they still have my other favorite drinks: Matcha Cookies and Cream and Earl Grey Lavender. 

My worry is that many people will take advantage of this "name your price model" and pay less than what is expected to keep the store surviving. Or maybe people will be nice and pay the typical $4 -$5 price or even more

While I still support Milk Box, I am a bit saddened that they removed Chai Milk Tea & Black Sesame Matcha and will be introducing syrup to their menu. But I guess I can understand the reasons for it due to cost and such. 

And... the Westminster drive-thru location of Milk Box will soon be competing with the new 7 Leaves Drive Thru that is literally being constructed right now and is right across the street

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