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Quality Teas & One Of The Best Mille Crepes Ever @ Tea Arias - Huntington Beach

TeaArias is my new favorite boba spot. Seriously, TOP 5! I crave this place now... and they have a happy hour too!

There is construction going on. I think the plaza is remodeling! But don't fret! Because TeaArias is luckily still open for business to satisfy all the tea lovers!

The inside isn't too spectacular in the decor department. Kinda hipster with the plants on the wall. But it doesn't seem like they are trying to hard. Overall, I'd say the store itself is quite plain and average with photos of their menu and a shelf selling their loose leaf teas.

But what they do excel in, and I'm glad, is making their drinks. I was blown away when I first came here for happy hour. For some reason, Golden West College seemed far for me since I rarely am in the area and just never went to this spot. 

But what a mistake! I should have started coming here months before because they seriously serve great quality drinks!

When I first saw this place online, I was excited to find out that they serve the Mille Crepe! I seriously just assumed they bought it from Lady M Bakery that just opened in Beverly Hills. I didn't investigate too much, and assuming was just wrong.

Apparently, they make their own mille crepe cakes! They give samples too! So if you wanna try.... JUST ASK!

They make Matcha and Original flavored Mille Crepe Cakes!


You know they fancy when they got plants on the wall!

The prices are reasonable for the quality in my opinion. Prices ranges from $3.50 to $5. But you know what? They have happy hour everyday. Which makes it extremely worth it to go here. Like.. they are just giving away drinks at this point because happy hour makes it super affordable!

And yes, you're probably wondering what the happy hour deal is since I haven't mentioned it yet...keep on reading below!

They sell their own loose leaf teas too! There are also directions on the back on how to brew it!

I am so happy to get my hands on this Matcha Mille Crepe~! I love matcha... 

Here is Kevin trying to get a good shot of it all. I feel like he's started to take more and more food photos because of me!

Drink on the left is the LAVENDER MILK TEA! 100% RECOMMEND!
Drink on the right is the LONDON STYLE OOLONG!


I have a message for TeaArias. I. AM. ADDICTED. And you know what? You are not even that far from my house.

For some reason I always tend to go more south or stay in the Westminster area but when it comes to Golden West College area / Huntington Beach, which is only maybe 25 min away, in my mind I think of it as some faraway unreachable land.

But thank goodness I got my lazy butt out and drove there. Wait a minute... I think Kevin drove this time. Hah!

Our first time was such a pleasant surprise. I saw the Matcha Mille Crepe and was offered a sample. THAT'S RIGHT. THEY GIVE SAMPLES!  Of course I had to try both flavors: Matcha and Original. I gotta say, I never felt so much more in love. I mean... so "matcha" more in love. tehehe... get the pun?

Alright. Anyway. I ordered the Matcha Mille Crepe. A slice is $4.50. A very fair price in my book! Especially when Lady M Bakery sells a slice for around $10... and it barely tastes like matcha or anything remotely green tea at all....

As for drinks, it was HAPPY HOUR! Happy Hour is everyday from 5pm - 7pm! What's the deal? BOGO FREE! Buy 1 get 1 free drink is the best deal ever! I got the Lavender Milk Tea and Kevin got the London Style Oolong Tea! Both were super delicious but Kevin liked mine the most. I know... I know how to order awesome drinks. ^__^

I know this store has been open for awhile but I didn't know it was gonna be...surprisingly so good! I would compare this to Bloomz or Turtle Tea in Westminster since TeaArias also focuses on using loose leaf teas!

When 7 Leaves Cafe opened diagonally across the street, I actually thought (without ever even trying TeaArias) that, "Oh no! What if 7 Leaves is trying to monopolize and TeaArias won't survive business??" But when I actually tried TeaArias, I then realized that TeaArias has got nothaaaang to worry about. Seriously Both places are just so different. Quality loose leaf teas from TeaArias? Or...7 Leaves with a limited selection? Well, both places are still good but I'm more of a TeaArias fan!

If you are in the area or nearby, you gotta check TeaArias out! And if you are a matcha lover and mille crepe lover, you have to go here. Period.

Now for the Experience Recap Summary!

  • Customer service is on point. They offer samples...of the mille crepe! The samples are a big too!
  • Prices range from $3.50 - $5
    • Happy Hour everyday from 5pm - 7pm which is a BOGO Free deal on drinks!
  • Mille Crepes are $4.50
    • Matcha flavor is legit. You can taste the bitterness which is balanced out by the subtle sweetness of the cream.
    • way way better than Lady M Bakery. I think it may be because Lady M is well... you know... more of a white place? (No offense y'alls) So that's probably why the Matcha Mille Crepe there doesn't even taste like Matcha. 
  • Lavender Milk Tea is strong. Mm Mm GOOD!
  • London Style Oolong is oolong tea with cucumber and mint. It's very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. This is the kind of drink you'd want at the beach or something.
  • This place is worth. I just wish they would open later (they close around 7pm or 8pm).

7184 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

*Across from Golden West College.
*In the same plaza as Hobby Lobby and Toys R Us

Official Website:

Cheers everyone! Meet ya at Tea Arias? ^___^ 

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