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SHARETEA is a name I can't agree with because I don't know if I'd want to share my tea with anyone... 

I visited the Sharetea branch in Fullerton today and ran into some friends from highschool! I love running into old friends and meeting new ones! ^__^

So of course, we all had to take a group photo of our drinks! 

From left to right:
Hokkaido Milk Tea, Matcha Fresh Milk Tea & Mango Green Tea!

I got my drink with mini boba! That way, since I won't be needing the big jumbo straw, I'll drink my tea more slowly and it'll last longer... ^__^
Sharetea claims to be the number 1 boba shop in Taipei, Taiwan. Does anyone know if this is true? All I know is that they have many stores over there and it originated in Taiwan!

Here is their menu and prices! They also have free wi-fi which is their phone number listed on their menu!

It was great running into Highlong and Sara and meeting you Tanith!

Sharetea is busy! I'm here sitting at the shop right now blogging away and there have been non-stop lines! I'm glad I only waited for many 5 minutes to order and then got my drink fairly quickly!

Sharetea offers a variety of drinks and their menu can get overwhelming. They've got milk teas, fresh milk teas, brewed teas (so I'm assuming some other drinks are made with powder?), and fruit teas! Since it was my first time here, everything looked so interesting I had no idea what to choose! I went a bit boring with my choice and decided on the Matcha with Fresh Milk and mini boba as my add-on.

I love how they offer to adjust sweetness and ice levels. You can either get the regular amount of ice, less ice, or even no ice! As for sweetness, there are 5 levels of sweetness to choose from. This is perfect for me since I usually don't like my drinks too sweet so at least I can choose here!

The Matcha with Fresh Milk is yummy. Nothing I'd rave over about though because it's basically just matcha milk tea. The matcha flavor itself isn't too strong either. The entire drink is very milky. But, it's good and reminds me of Half and Half Boba.

Free wi-fi. YES! The password is their phone number.

All the drinks come in one size and it's a big cup. Be careful when poking your straw in the hole. I almost spilled some liquid on me since they fill it to the very top

Fun Fact: My very first Sharetea experience was actually in Hongdae, Korea. I was craving boba and was in Seoul 3 years ago. At that time, boba wasn't a thing. It wasn't popular. So finding a boba shop, a good one, was rare. My friend Lexi and I noticed Sharetea while strolling around and saw that it boasted itself as the best boba shop in Taipei, Taiwan. Well, let's see if how good it is...we thought. The entire menu was in Korean and it listed something that caught my curiosity. "Cheezu". You can get "Cheezu" as an add-on. What? Cheese?! Well, I got some drink with "cheezu" and omg it actually did kind of taste like cheese! You know how over here we've got something called "Sea Cream"? What I got was basically sea cream, but whipped a bit more. It's just funny that they called it cheese... ^__^

I think this is a great study spot! The store has great lighting and is very clean. The only downside is that there aren't many tables so good luck finding a spot here if it gets too crowded...

I'll probably be back here to try other drinks. Next up on my list if going to be the brewed Wintermelon! I also wanna try the Kiwi Ice Jelly drink and Oolong Tea Cream. Hope it'll be good!

Address to Sharetea Fullerton location:
2445 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831

**It's in the same plaza as KFC and Panera Bread and Dollar Tree! 
**Plenty of parking so no worries!
**Intersection of Chapman / State College Blvd near Cal State Fullerton

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