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(photo courtesy of @ZeroExpress on Instagram)

The new Zero Express will be opening so close to CSUF! It's like less than 10 minutes walking distance!

It'll be in the same plaza as Chipotle, Yogurtland, and Starbucks on State College Blvd / Chapman!
(photo courtesy of @ZeroExpress on Instagram)

Apparently they will now be serving Acai bowls... whaaaat? But will it be good... ?! Honestly I don't know because I haven't tried it. But, it sure looks yummy!
(photo courtesy of @ZeroExpress on Instagram)

Grand Opening Promotions:
This weekend, Zero Express will be opening officially in Fullerton! It's going to be near the Cal State Fullerton campus so perfect for students who wanna grab a drink during their breaks!

April 15 at 12pm: The first 25 customers will be getting their drinks free. Afterwards, all drinks are buy one get one free.

April 16 at 12pm: Buy one get one free drinks all day.

My favorite drink is gone. 
There was this one drink that I was absolutely craaazy over. It's the Ube Milk Tea that is exclusive to only Zero Express. That means, only the Long Beach location had it but they discontinued it. I was told it was only a seasonal item and they may bring it back.

There are still other options that are just as exciting. For instance, the Matchata, a fusion of horchata and matcha is unique. I personally love the Mangonada which tastes exactly like the Mexican chamoy candies. Remember to get that tamarind straw!

Zero Express now serves Acai Bowls.
The creators of Zero keep it exciting! They are now going to start serving Acai Bowls! Perfect with the welcoming Spring season Acai bowls will be a healthy and refreshing snack! I haven't tried their acai bowls but just from the photos, it looks good!

Oh, and they sell Macarons too.
Okay. What? Acai bowls and now macarons too? Their macarons reminds me of the ones sold at 7 leaves. Similar in size and flavors.

They've got competition with Sharetea.
Sharetea, a popular tapioca / boba shop chain from Taiwan recently opened about a month ago. I honestly went to Zero Express during it's soft opening on Monday (April 11) and went to Sharetea right after. Zero Express unfortunately is very small and has a limited drink menu.

It's quite surprising to me because the Long Beach Zero Express location is perfect for students to chill and to study because there are many more tables and outlets everywhere. This Fullerton location is disappointing because there are only like... 4 small tables and it's small. Reminds me of Snow Monster's original location in Westminster which is also very cramped and small...At least the parking situation here is pretty good. I don't think it'll be hard to find a parking spot!

Compared to Sharetea, Zero Express only has a few drink options. Zero Express boasts on serving only the freshest drinks and using quality ingredients without artificial flavors or any of that junk. Well, I can surely taste the quality. For quality and special unique drinks such as Mangonada and Matchata, I'd definitely choose Zero Express. However, for a wider variety of options and to study / chill, I'd choose Sharetea across the street. Sharetea is also bigger and more spacious so it's a better study spot.

To lay it all down in the boba battle here:

  • Sharetea equals Asian-y / earthy tea drinks. 
  • Zero Express equals unique fusion mashups.

Address to Zero Express:
2323 E Chapman Ave #C, Fullerton

**Same plaza as Chipotle, Yogurtland, Papa Johns and Starbucks.
**Intersection of Chapman and State College Blvd
*Walking distance from CSUF.

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