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Komodo (Venice Location) 
235 Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90291

*Near the trendy Abbot Kinney street.
*Walking distance to Venice Beach! Yay!
*Drive around for free street parking! There are spots nearby that's not far at all!

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Look at this beautiful spread of tacos from Komodo! Looks good right? They taste even better!

This is Jenny from Germany. I learned how to say "Let's go eat!" in German from her! We parked somewhere free and walked to Komodo. Took about 5 minutes or so! 

Walking through the beach breeze was lovely!

The tacos are so picture perfect!

Do you see the huge photo in the middle? It's a photo of the KIMCHI NACHOS. It looks so good in the photo! I'll have to try that someday...

I think it's pretty clever how Komodo uses those "boats" or containers as decor to hang from their ceiling.

The whole place is extremely spacious! There are plenty of tables and I love how the ceilings are so high. It feels nice and airy here!

Gotta take that photo! The tacos are ready for their modeling career. Don't cha think they look too perfect? It's as if they were taken from the menu photos! It looks amazing!

OMGADDD YASSSS. These tacos are ready to be devoured. ^__^

Look at them eggs. Are you popping them in your mind yet?

From left to right:
Komodo 2.0 (best seller) | Loco Moco | MP3 Steak | Fish n Grapes

If somebody asks me what my favorite fusion taco place is, I'm definitely gonna name Komodo. This place seriously delivers flavor and gourmet fusion plates at prices that won't terribly hurt your wallet. That's why I love this place.

The only downside is that it's not in Orange County. Oh why are you so far all the way in LA? Well, I'll make the drive for you!

Ever since the first time I visited Komodo, I left wanting more and more. Seriously. I started stalking their Instagram and just staring at their photogenic dishes. I also kept daydreaming about the next time I'd be there and what I'd eat.

Since my friend Jenny's in town all the way from Germany, well, I had to take her to try Asian Fusion Mexican food! And what better place than Komodo in the Venice Beach location? I thought this was perfect because my friend would be able to experience the beach and could see the famous Santa Monica Ferris Wheel too (Venice's neighboring beach and typical tourist spot).

There isn't any parking lot for Komodo but luckily we were able to find some free street parking nearby! It was only about less than 5 minutes walk away!

As we walked in, we were greeted immediately by a friendly cashier. I was too busy being mesmerized by the menu photos. Why do they all look so perfect and tasty? How could I choose?! Jenny and I both got the Killer Kombo which is $11.99 for 4 tacos. It's about $3 a taco so we are saving a few cents here, I guess?

Anyway, I ordered:

  • Komodo 2.0 (best seller) : This has a lot of corn on it. This one doesn't need the house salsa. It's already got a killer green sauce!
  • Loco Moco: This is exactly what it is. A steak with egg and rice. Love this Hawaiian twist to the taco. It's one of my favorites so I got it again!
  • MP3 Steak: Tater tots on anything is always good! I love how this taco also has a juicy egg with crunchy tater tots. And of course, the meat is amazing.
  • Fish n Grapes: Yum! I never would have thought Grapes and Fish go well together... but it does! This one is quite fruity but very refreshing! The fish is fried but it since it doesn't have too much batter, it taste lean.
  • Their house salsa which is located by the soda fountain / cashier is amazing. It's refreshing and has got that good kick of spice to it. I could eat it with chips all day long if I could somehow take a bunch home!
*All of the meat are juicy! I don't remember having any bad experiences here. I mean, it's only my second time but every time it's been 110% great. The eggs are not regular sized. They are cute and mini! So I doubt they are from chicken? Maybe quail eggs or something? I'm not sure... but definitely still capable of producing awesome egg porn if ya know what I mean!

*The Kimchi Nachos look amazing and I wanna try that next time!

The service is impeccable here. My experience this time was even better than the first. It wasn't busy and there were only 3 other parties there besides us but still, the staff would check up on everybody and would always have the friendliest smile ever! 

Whenever I'm thinking Asian Fusion Mexican, this place always pops up! 

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