Have you been to The Ally in Garden Grove? Well say goodbye to that,

What about Project West? Say goodbye again.

Project West, a modern hip restaurant that served burgers had replaced The Ally (also a yummy burger place that looked run down...).

And now, The Black Plate is replacing Project West .
*but according to the way Instagram tagging works...I think they are the same owners but rebranded since all the tagged photos go to Project West...don't quote me on this though!

I have no idea what's on the menu at The Black Plate. They don't have much advertised on their Instagram but from what I see they aren't really focused much on burgers unlike former Project West. Instead, it seems more ...Italian? There are pasta photos on their Instagram and I know Project West tried doing spaghetti before...right?

But then again their advertisement (photo below) lists the restaurant as a Tapas, Charcuteria and Burgers place. Hmmm...

I guess 40% off is a pretty good incentive to take a peak and try a bite or two though! 

Update: according to my friend who went today, it's basically the same thing as Project West. The bacon + jam burger and lamb burger are now sliders now instead of regular sized burgers as project west. Still pretty expensive so if you're gonna go, take advantage of the 40% off this weekend!

*p.s. What is up with places doing Charcuterie? I've never had it at a restaurant before but to me it just seems like overpriced fancy sausages / meats and cheese on a hipster wooden board... 

Bacon Cheese Truffle Fries!

They didn't put a description for this. But looks good!

Calamari. Looks good and presentation is nice!
(all photos are taken from The Black Plate Instagram @_theblackplate_ 

Will this restaurant be good? Is it going to be a hit or miss? I don't know but I hope to find out! 

7132 W Garden Grove Blvd Ste A
Westminster, CA 92683