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Top 3 Reasons Why Airoma Cafe has the BEST MATCHA in Orange County

TOP Reason #3: The Golden Ratio 

Don't you just hate it when you order a matcha latte, wanting to actually taste the matcha but it ends up being a cup of milk? Same. But Airoma Cafe CATERS to the true Matcha Lover. For those who enjoy the rich depth and smooth umami taste of matcha, Airoma Cafe's drinks truly highlight the quality of matcha for any doubters.

Most boba shops, cafes, etc. serve matcha lattes with a higher milk ratio. So you end up drinking matcha flavored milk. 

Airoma Cafe does it right. You want a matcha latte? They give you a MATCHA latte. It's got the perfect golden ratio of milk (choice of regular or soymilk), sweetness, and matcha. The matcha is the star here, and they're not afraid to show it.  

Once I tried Airoma Cafe's matcha, I could no longer accept any other spot. Airoma Cafe IS the standard. They are the legend. They are the moment. The bar is set so high, don't ever settle for less. Just go to Airoma.

TOP Reason #2: Unique Blends

You want the basic matcha latte? They got it. But you want something trendy? They also got it. Most spots do trends just for the sake of the trend. Either to ride the hype or offer an Instagram-worthy drink. 

But Airoma Cafe? They are next level. Strawberry Matcha Latte may sound normal to you, but Airoma Cafe does it best. Seriously, I cannot express it in words how amazing their Strawberry Matcha Latte is. The strawberry puree is super fresh, and they do not skimp! Combined with the rich matcha flavor, the result of this drink delivers fresh matcha covered strawberry in liquid form. If you want milkier, barely-any-strawberries, and barely-any-matcha drinks, I know Boba Guys is popular for that. But honestly, Airoma Cafe holds the trophy for best Strawberry Matcha Latte for fans with taste.

And don't even get me started on the Matcha Coffee!! But I'd be holding out on you if I didn't share. First sip of the Matcha Coffee, unbelievable. This straight up tastes like a dreamy See's Candie caramel popsicle in my opinion. The drink itself is so smoooooooth, rich, and it's amazing how you can taste both the matcha and coffee!

TOP Reason #1: High Quality Ceremonial Matcha with the Best Pricing You Can't Get Anywhere Else!

Let's be real.  Prices are going up everywhere. Airoma Cafe is located in the hub of Little Saigon, where there are boba shop and coffee shop competitors lined up on every block. I used to get boba almost everyday and would love trying new places out, at the expense of risking my hard earned money on a drink I might end up not liking. But, it's fun to try new things!

However, at this point, I can no longer justify paying almost $7 for a drink that's just a maybe it'll be good. And there are many places nearby that I already tried and tested and know the quality is mediocre or at least not up to my standards, priced at $7? No way!

A matcha drink nearby with lesser quality matcha, or old matcha, or just less matcha added, can be up to $7 these days. 

But, I am honestly surprised that Airoma Cafe because none of their prices have even passed the $6 mark. And yet, they are still delivering high quality ceremonial matcha that you can actually taste. Trust me, the difference is too noticeable to settle for any less. Especially, since it actually costs less for quality too!

I wouldn't even mind if they raised their prices, because think about it... At equal pricing with other places, at least the matcha from Airoma is consistently amazing! But I appreciate their current pricing right now!! ^_______^

Check out Airoma Cafe:
Address: 10246 Westminster Ave Garden Grove, CA 92843
(Located in the same plaza as Vientiane Thai Lao Restaurant)

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