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This burger is THE SUPREME BURGER from Bareburger. Looks good but tastes even better! I wasn't able to finish this one but man... it tastes so amazing as leftovers, toasted.

It's got beef, colby, country bacon, chopped fries, special sauce, special sauce all on a brioche bun. 

They've got some interesting choice of decor here at Bareburger...

Check out this colorful bear on the wall.

Onion rings, fries, and sweet potato fries. All fried in 100% non-gmo canola oil. Although it's something not considered healthy, I felt okay eating this! It didn't feel that heavy at all. The onion rings tasted wonderful! I love onions (excuse my breath) and at other places onion rings usually taste more like the crispy batter itself but the onion rings here at Bareburger tasted more like actual onions. You know your taste buds ain`t getting ripped off on flavor. 

THE CALI FRESH SALAD made me feel so fresh. I loove quinoa! And green hummus.... OMGG So delicious! It was basically avocado I believe! Just everything about this salad was so refreshing and healthy!

Crispy Brussel Sprouts! Yumm! These were a bit salty for me though but salt aside... so yum!

THE FALAFELWRAPTOR is a clever name. It makes me think of the friendly dinosaurs billions of centuries ago that survived on only veggies. Because this wrap made me feel anything but guilty. It made me feel healthy. Like...what am I eating? That's actually tasty but...also healthy?

THE BLUE ELK BURGER. It's got elk, blue cheese, country bacon, stout onions, tomato fig jam, sprout bun!

This burger pictured below is THE HOG WILD BURGER. It's got a fried egg. Nuff said.
Oh. There's also wild boar, pimento cheese, chickpea onions and pickled green tomatoes all sandwiched between a brioche bun with lots of grains. EXOTIC AND HEALTHY! 

Full bar! 

One of the best ice cream sandwiches ever! I know it sounds simple but I just love how the cookies were so soft and the ice cream inside was just perfect. It didn't melt fast and each bite was perfect. I love how they add a river of chocolate syrup in the plate so that you can dip your sandwich into it. YUM!
This is just half of their store. There is plenty more seating in the other room! I think this is great for a big private party though!

Bareburger, where have you been all my life? Oh. that's right. New York. Bareburger first started in New York but demand has brought it all over to Santa Monica! Woo! And I'm thankful!

Bareburger prides itself in using the best ingredients. And gosh it's actually affordable! When I looked at the menu I was surprised at the prices! Gourmet crafted burgers that are organic, non-gmo and exotic at around $10-$14 bucks? Count me in!

All of the meats here are free-range, pasture raised, humanely-raised (don't worry PETA!), antibiotic, gluten and hormone free! The cows are grass-fed! Also, all the fried items are fried in 100% non-gmo canola oil! No wonder I wasn't induced into the usual food coma I usually get when devouring heavy greasy foods. I actually felt pretty clean and good after my meal here at Bareburger!

After ordering as much as I could, I felt so stuffed. Oh man! I was so full from eating like 5 different things but you know what? I felt good. I didn't feel like a sloth for once after a yummy juicy burger. 

Here is what I ordered: 
  1. Onion Rings
    • you actually taste the onion. It was more onion than batter. Thumbs up for this one!
  2. Fries
    • basic but good
  3. Sweet Potato Fries
    • Can't go wrong with these!
  4. Crispy Brussel Sprouts
    • too salty, Would not recommend unless they can tone down the saltiness. I felt like I was literally eating salt
  5. Cali Fresh Salad
    • So refreshing and yummy! Totes recommend this salad! They've got quinoa and radish and green hummus and kale. Everything you need in one bowl! Make sure to mix it up before you eat it!
  6. Wild Hog Burger
    • It's got a fried egg. So obviously it's gonna be good right? RIGHT! I favored this one over the Blue Elk. It was juicy!
  7. Blue Elk Burger
    • whoa whoa... I can finally say I've tasted Elk! How exotic! Unfortunately, I barely tasted the Elk. Because this burger comes with blue cheese, which is already a very strong type of cheese, the actual Elk taste (that I couldn't distinguish at all) was overpowered by the blue cheese. What a shame. 
  8. Supreme Burger
    • Amaze-maaaze-singgg. According to my boyfriend who ate this burger, it was one of the best burgers he had even if he had it technically as leftovers and had to toast it! 
    • It's got beef, colby, country bacon, chopped fries, special sauce, special sauce all on a brioche bun. 
  9. Falafelwraptor (Falafel Wrap)
    • One of the most healthiest tasting out of everything I ordered. There is a good amount of Falafel and veggies. Good proportiongs. Good job Bareburger! I felt like I was eating a falafel salad... but in a wrap form!
  10. Chocolate Milkshake
    • What type of chocolate is this? It's amazing and so rich! I would get this again!
  11. Vanilla Milkshake
    • very basic. Tasted like any other vanilla milkshake. Get the chocolate instead if you are a chocolate lover!
  12. Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream sandwich
    • The best ending ever. I love how they add a pool of chocolate syrup onto the plate to dip the sandwich in! The sandwich was so so soft, just how it should be. 
Alright, I ordered a lot. But don't worry, I didn't eat it all by myself. I had friends to share with! Yay for friends who share that love of food with ya! Y'all the real MVP ^__^

Also, you can create your own combo of salads, burgers and sandwiches! The options are endless here! I love it!

So what are you waiting for? Go to Bareburger after hanging around at Santa Monica Beach! Take your date, your friend or a random stranger. I've got a giftcard you could win. Details are below!

Here is the address to Bareburger's Santa Monica location:
2732 Main St, 
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Bareburger Official Website:

Santa Monica's Menu + Prices! I love restaurants that put their menu up with prices! Makes it easier to budget and plan!

Make sure to follow Bareburger on their Instagram @Bareburger_CA!

Are you ready to win some Bareburger goodies from me? Woo! I just wanna say THANK YOU for reading and following! Even if this is your first time here or you've been following for awhile, I APPRECIATE YOU! To say thanks, I'm happy to do a little giveaway for y'all! 

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Can't wait to send the winner these goodies! 

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  1. the falalfelwraptor sounds tasty and cute! would have never thought to put pico de gallo with falafel, and i bet it would be so fresh tasting ^_^

  2. Hi Hop! Honestly I don't know how I found out about your blog, but it probably came up a lot when I searched up food places haha. I would love to try the supreme burger and brussel sprouts!

  3. i'm going to go try this place out now. :)

    1. hehe let me know what you think Candace!

  4. Thanks for sharing all these awesome locals eats!

    1. Awww of course! I hope it's been helpful to you! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. everything looks so yummy O:

    1. I KNOWW ! I wanna try more things there!

  6. Yes! I love Bareburger when I had it in NY. Great blog!

  7. I found your blog a year ago while I was looking for OC food blogs. The Hog Wild burger and Falafelwraptor look really unique and delicious, but to be honest I would want to try everything~ *U*

    1. Oops, didn't change my Google+ settings until now, but it should show my name now :D

    2. Haha no problem. I got chu ;D

  8. Can I enter?

    1. yea. you can enter the restaurant and I'll treat ya out <3

  9. I'd love to try this place! I'm a bit picky, so I'd probably do the "Be My Burger" option. Right now these options sound good: turkey, brioche bun, colby cheese, and spinach.

  10. the food looks really good!! i would love to try it :)

    1. Right? It is presented well I think and I love how they use local products!

  11. sounds like an awesome place! I was drooling looking over the pictures!

    1. Not sure why it won't connect my name to any platform so trying again. I found you through Forkin Foodies FB group, I'm Jean Bear on FB. The item I want to try the most is the Falafelwraptor (Falafel Wrap), looks so refreshing and probably won't leave a "heavy" feeling after eating it.

    2. Great! Another Forkin Foodie buddy! Glad you visited my page. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  12. Omg ice cream sandwiches are my all time favorite ice creams🤗🤗can't wait to try it out!!!!