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Yesterday was the last day for the August 626 Night Market (it'll happen again in September!) in Santa Anita Park and it was a pretty good day to come since it wasn't as crowded. I heard Joseph Vincent performed on Saturday (who's a fan?) and people were going crazy over him! Anyway, I'm kinda glad I missed all of that because the lines were so short! If there was a line, it wasn't even a long wait! Many booths had flash sales on their items since it was the last few hours selling things for half off! So, if it's like this for all the night markets then I suggest to come on the night of the very last day.

My friend Lexy and I met up with Jerry at the night market and we strolled around the entire thing. There were so many various types of booths from selling original artwork, carnival game booths, accessory booths, clothing and of course the food trucks and food vendors. While on the way to night market, I had already figured out which vendors I wanted to try and was ready to check them all off my list!

Aside from food, we also BECAME MINIONS! The talented artist Kris (he dances too!) at the MinionME! booth was drawing away free black and white portraits. The line stretched and stretched and got longer and longer. But, Kris persevered throughout the event, although his hand was probably in pain and cramping, to transform people into Minions! Lexi and I became Rilakkuma and Kolilakuma minions a.k.a. RilaLexi and KolilaHoppie! Our portrait was the 3426th one he had drawn...WOWZERS! That's some dedication right there. Make sure you guys visit their etsy shop to buy some goodies!
Here is the link:

Here is a recap:

  • the last day was still so popular that it was extended until 11pm instead of 10pm
  • there are soooooo many vendors!
  • $3 admission
  • Japadog 
    • Japanese style Hot Dogs
    • Very unique Japanese - American fusion hot dogs
    • I ordered the Okonomi Hot Dog with added Seaweed flakes on top
      • worth it
      • it tasted surprisingly really good. The okonomi sauce was what made it taste good in my opinion. The sausage was fresh and juicy as well. 
  • Flurries Shaved Snow Truck
    • Sawatdee shaved snow: Thai Tea Shaved snow with Lychee Jelly and Egg Pudding
      • worth it
      • heaven in your mouth!
      • I love the Thai Tea's flavor. It's noticeable and strong and I also love the thick shavings!
  • Belly Bombz Food Truck
    • Bomb Dust Fries
      • worth it
      • amazing seasoning. 
      • hot wings flavored fries basically
      • loooooooooved it
      • the fries were also VERY crispy
  • Mister Potato
    • The Tornado Potato
      • worth it!
      • okay honestly I call it that but I don't know what Mister Potato calls it...
      • amaaaaazing
      • y'all always gotta get this at any festival!
      • You can get different seasonings! I got sour cream and onion and sweet chili
      • they are made freshhhhhhhhhhhhh to order
      • The Aguas Frescas they sell are also really refreshing too
  • Jangy Cravings (or is it Tangy Cravings?!)
    • Pandan Leaf Green Milk Tea
      • worth to try something new, but otherwise it's aiiiiiiiiight....
      • very unique. 
      • my first time having pandan milk tea
      • definitely needs more pandan flavor because I barely tasted any...
  • Modern Cravings - The Crinkle Dog
    • What a unique idea! Waffle Corn Dogs ... pretty neat idea! When I saw it I was thinking that you could strategically pour the ketchup in the little squares and it'll stay as you bite into the corn dog!
    • I didn't buy any, but the reason why I'm mentioning this vendor is because
      1. My friend Adrian from waaaaaaaaay back when (elementary school?!) works at that booth and we coincidentally saw each other!
      2. the idea is really unique in my opinion!
  • About 2 hours before the event was closing, almost every booth lowered their prices and starting having flash sales like bogo free.
  • On average, most of the food was priced at $5. 
  • Make sure you always bring cash !

Official Website:

Next & Last 626 Night Market of the Summer:
Fri, Sept 12: 4pm-1am
Sat, Sept 13: 4pm-1am
Sun, Sept 14: 4pm-10pm

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