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Only Quality Smoked Ham Here! @ Ham `n Scram - Westminster

I've heard great things about this place, and finally got to try it with my friend Alex! Ham `n Scram is a breakfast + lunch place that specializes in using premium quality bone-in smoked ham. I've seen photos of their giant burritos and was excited to try during my lunch break. 

The place is small family-owned restaurant that has been operating since 2010. The store has that old homey and vintage vibe goin` on. 

They have daily specials! 

Take a look at their menu. They have quite some interesting stuff like "hamcakes" !??! Hmm..

Had to try their bacon cookie. It was very soft, but also not very bacon. Disappointed. 

These are their hamcakes which are 2 Panko breaded HamCakes served w/fried egg on top and house-made chipotle ranch. I wasn't a huge fan because it reminded me of like the thick outer layer of a tamale before you get to the meat. But the ham pieces infused inside were yummy!

Original Breakfast Burrito | $8.75
I got their most popular item: the original breakfast burrito which features Ham, bacon, egg, hash brown, bell pepper, onion & cheese. Honestly, it wasn't as big as I thought. I was imagining giant burritos like Sabrosada (a.k.a. Alertos) or Cali Tacos or something. The burrito was good, but actually underwhelming. The smoked ham was very obviously smokey. The smokey smell was strong, the taste was smokey, and overall the ham was quality. There was no doubt about that, and to be expected if they boast that on their menu. But because the smoked ham was that good, it overshadowed all the other ingredients (the eggs, hashbrowns, etc) and made the overall burrito taste flat. Idk. It didn't Wow me enough for another visit. Perhaps I expected too much from the overhype from my friends + Yelpers.

Have you been here? Should I give it another chance? I do admit, their smoked ham is good. But perhaps it would have been better in a sandwich or something. 

Ham `n Scram does special events with twists on their menu too. You'd have to be in the know or follow their Instagram.

Ham `n Scram Address:
5871 Westminster Blvd
Westminster  California  92683

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