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How To Redeem ANY FREE DRINK All March @ Cafe Wish - Buena Park

Hey folks! I am so excited about this collaboration I am doing with Cafe Wish in Buena Park! Why? Because I get to give out free drinks to all of y'all, my lovely Taste Buds <3! WAHH! 

So first of all, let me introduce to y'all Cafe Wish. It is a specialty dessert shop that specializes in Belgium waffles! In addition to that, they also have Korean style shaved snow (bingsu), croissant taiyaki (the fish shaped croissants!) with fillings like yam + mozzarella (pretty good!), red bean, nutella and more, anddddd they also have coffee and matcha and tea drinks! 

Their coffee uses coffee beans from Stereoscope Coffee (Buena Park) which is one of my fave places that has great quality coffee. Their matcha products uses matcha from Midori Matcha which is known for high quality matcha sourced from Kyoto (also a dessert shop in LA and OC).

Photo Credit | Cafe Wish

So what is the collab exactly?!

All you have to do is show the cashier this photo below and mention my blog/IG Eat With Hop! / @x3hoppie ! Easy peasy right!? You're welcome!

Check out the menu to decide on your drink!

While you're there, maybe try a waffle? Or taiyaki? I personally enjoy their croissant taiyaki but wish they had more savory options. They do have yam + mozzarella though which is quite interesting combo of sweet + salty.

Their belgium waffles are best fresh and hot, so don't take too long taking photos if you order these. The matcha comes with a great matcha whipped cream and strawberries. The waffles themselves are honestly quite small so I recommend ordering more than one!


  • Blue Jazz Latte (blueberry coffee latte)
    • this has a nice blue and brown layered look
  • Matcha Rose Latte
    • I love this drink as a hot version! 
    • Very good matcha flavor and subtle rose hints


  • Get any drink of your choice free! *small size only
  • Write a wish on the wish board to be entered into the in-store raffle to win prizes every month!

Just show the cashier at Cafe Wish my blog post here! Mention my blog or Instagram and you're all set for your free drink!

The entire month of March, 2019! WOO!

5300 Beach Blvd
Ste 108
Buena Park, CA 90621

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