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Munching on Japanese Pringles Butter Soy Sauce Chips!

A few weeks ago I went to Tokyo Central (previously Marukai), a Japanese supermarket, in Costa Mesa. I like browsing the snack section and found this Japanese Pringles Butter Soy Sauce flavor! I love butter soy sauce anything every since my first experience trying it in Japan. It's a weird combination, I initially thought, but weirdly, it works! It's like a bit salty and creamy and buttery!

Japanese versions of American snacks are so much more interesting. There were other interesting Pringles flavors like Cheese Gratin and more! I got this Butter Soy Sauce flavor for around $4.

 By the way, it was such a beautiful day that I had to take a photo of the surroundings. Just look at that nice blue sky! Whoa!

 I also wanted to take a "Carfie" a.k.a selfie in the car with Kevin. LOL

And also a selfie with my new fave Pringles flavor. YUM 

 My first impression was: dang, these pringles are so much smaller than the American ones! I could fit the entire thing in my mouth without a problem!

Although these Japanese Pringles are much smaller, they are also much thicker. So maybe it evens out to be the same amount as the thinner/bigger American ones? The world may never know... LOL

When Kevin and I tried these, I was thinking, OMG, I BUTTER SHOYU, AND EVERYONE HOW GOOD THESE ARE!

Get it? Butter Shoyu? Better Show you.... LOL

"Shoyu" means soy sauce in Japanese! There is your Japanese lesson of the day!

These chips are very flavorful, and since the chips itself is very thick, the flavor feels sorta, heavy and full in the mouth? Like the burst of butter shoyu is blasing in your mouth. I like how it's strong in flavor, but it made me get tired of munching on it too long since the flavor is overpowering after a few chips. Kevin couldn't eat too many either. 

But it was good! Butter Soy Sauce is one of those staple Japanese flavors you gotta try! 

I found these Butter Shoyu Pringles specifically at the Tokyo Central Japanese Supermarket in Costa Mesa, but I am sure you can find them at most Japanese supermarkets like Mitsuwa, Nijiya, and Seiwa. 

Address to Tokyo Central Costa Mesa:
2975 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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